Apex Legends Mobile gets a big update, Surge of Cold, and a new Legend: Loba

Apex Legends Mobilethis shooting game Strategic battle royalewhich was originally released for consoles and PCs in 2019, came to mobile phones in May this year, and these days received an update, which we detail below.

You must first indicate that the development team of Apex Legends Mobile worked hard on this update. According to various comments and requests received from the community, and among all they received, they urgently addressed these issues:

  • Frustrations with the ranked system.
  • How bans are handled in normal games.
  • Optimizations of the matchmaking.
  • Performance optimizations for devices and servers.

While the team says there are still many milestones to complete, these are the ones they have given the most urgency to and they hope to address the others in the near future.

Adjustments have now been applied to matchmaking and systems that affect serversthis with the main objective of achieving low latency, thus improving the gaming experience and, in addition, a matchmaking with players of similar abilities.

Regarding the topic of bots, the development team believes that they could be used in different parts of the game. However, the goal of the team is to provide a competitive gaming experience for players. Moreover, they expect exposure to bots should decrease the more you play and increase skill level.

new legend in Apex Legends Mobile: Wolf

When wolf I was nine years old saw Revenant, a mock hitman, murder his family. He was left with nothing and survived by flying. Everything changed when he managed to break into a supposedly impenetrable facility and seize the jump technology it housed. Thanks to his new teleportation bracelet, the most protected and inaccessible objects were within his reach. Now she’s joined the Apex Games to get rich and get revenge.

Passive Ability: Eye for Quality. Nearby legendary and epic loot is visible through walls.

Tactical Ability: Thief Trick. Instant Teleport: Throw the jump bracelet at a target location.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Shop. Place a portable tent on the ground so you and your allies can instantly loot the surrounding area.

When playing Loba, you can unlock her perks through Legend progression. You can get Loba from the store or at level 25 of the Battle Pass. Loba’s perks include being able to get extra loot from crates and even stealing flags from teammates based on her abilities.

Apex Legends Mobile Wolf

Next we leave you a video with a brief summary that shows the new legend called Loba.

New game mode for a limited time

The new mode, called ‘Armed and dangerous‘, is a mode where you can only use shotguns and sniper weapons, there are no medium range weapons, only short or long range.

Combat zone: air conditioner

During matches there will be an area called ‘air conditioner‘, which will be enabled and disabled during game development, and will cover parts of World’s End in snowthis as part of the Surge of Cold patch theme. You can jump to the end of the world for icy rewardsget icy loot boxes and diamonds from enemies, which you can spend on rare items from the seasonal store. You’ll also be able to use Snow Grenades, new throwing weapons that damage and slow enemies when they explode.

Seasonal store

During games you can find loot boxesin which you will get diamondswhich you can also acquire by eliminating rivals and completing missions.

These Diamonds can be used in the Seasonal Store to purchase various Cold Surge items.

New Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile

In this new Seasonal Battle Pass for the release of Surge of Coldin addition to having new frozen items, some changes have been made, giving rewards to people who acquire the Battle Pass Premium or Premium Plus season before the start of the season. These rewards correspond to 50 Syndicate Gold and 1 Syndicate Pack..

These rewards will be provided after the release of Cold wave and will be sent directly to the in-game mailbox.

In addition, Completing the Season 1 Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass will provide 800 Syndicate Gold as a reward.

We leave you the invitation to try this new update and let us know what you think of the new one Apex Legends Mobile!

Source: EA

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