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Apex Legends Mobile It has been on the market for several weeks now and is having real success. Considering this, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are not resting on their laurels and that is why they have been working to prepare news for their popular release for iOS and Android. It is thanks to this that the game launches season 1.5 with its share of new features.

What is season 1.5 for Apex Legends Mobile? The main novelty of Cold Surge ―official name of season 1.5― is the arrival of Loba, one of the most popular legends of the PC and console versions of apex legends.

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In case you don’t know her, we tell you that Loba is a thief with unique and cool abilities, so it’s worth trying and trying her out. Don’t believe us? We leave you their skills so you can get to know them

Loba skills in Apex Legends Mobile

Tactical Ability ― Thief Trick

  • Instant teleport. To use it, you must throw the jump bracelet at a target location.

Passive Ability ― Eye for Quality

  • With this ability, you will be able to see nearby legendary and epic loot through walls. This will make it much easier to spot and pursue him before anyone else.

Ultimate Ability ― Black Market Shop

  • Loba’s ultimate ability lets you set up a portable tent so your allies can loot the surrounding area in an instant. So, in seconds, their thief skills will help you get juicy loot that will help you achieve victory.
The wolf is coming to Apex Legends Mobile
The wolf is coming to Apex Legends Mobile

It’s worth mentioning that by playing as Loba, you will be able to unlock her progression perks. These include the ability to get extra loot from crates and even steal your teammates’ flags. Loba is available in the store or at level 25 of the battle pass.

The map was renewed in Cold Surge in Apex Legends Mobile

Another novelty of season 1.5 for Apex Legends Mobile this is a map update. This means that the games of this Cold Surge will have a particular twist.

What happens is that the air conditioner will be turned off and on during games. As a result, some parts of the map will be covered in snow. Whenever the air conditioner is activated, you will be able to find frozen chests that can contain diamonds which will be used to buy rare items in the seasonal store.

In Cold Snap, you’ll also have the option to play a new limited-time mode. This is Armed and Dangerous, a mode in which you will only find shotguns and sniper weapons. In other words, there will only be close or long range combat and no middle ground.

Cold Snap brings a new Battle Pass for Apex Legends Mobile

As you can imagine, season 1.5 for Apex Legends Mobile it is also the arrival of new products in stores. For starters, we have new additions to the Season Store, which includes several ice-themed skins. These are items that you can buy with diamonds that you get by eliminating rivals; by completing quests or simply opening icy loot boxes.

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New Frozen Items in the Apex Legends Mobile Store!
New Frozen Items in the Apex Legends Mobile Store!

On the other hand, Cold Snap also brings a new Battle Pass full of cool items that you can unlock as you play. It’s worth mentioning that Respawn Entertainment listened to the community and that’s why they decided to reward players who purchased the Primetime Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass before Cold Snap was released.

But what is the reward? These are 50 Syndicate Gold and a Syndicate Pack. Additionally, everyone who completes the Coldsurge Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass will get 800 Syndicate Units.

A renewed Battle Pass
A renewed Battle Pass

what is it Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is an iOS and Android version of apex legends, the Battle Royale sensation that has conquered millions on consoles and PC. It is important that you keep in mind that this is not just a port; in fact, it’s a version built from the ground up to perfectly fit the intense action of Apex Legends Mobile on your mobile phone screen. Thanks to this, it has essential differences that we invite you to discover here.

In its few weeks on the market, Apex Legends Mobile It’s already a huge success. This is because you managed to adapt the action of apex legends to the world of iOS and Android. In addition, some of its novelties – such as the existence of an exclusive legend – have made many want to try it, have you already done so?

What did you think of all the new features of Season 1.5 for Apex Legends Mobile? Are you excited for all the content that’s on the way to the game? Tell us in the comments.

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can learn more about this Battle Royale for smartphones by clicking here.

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