Cheap laptops in Chile

It is often difficult to find a laptop that meets our needs, meets our expectations and ideals, and is affordable.

This dilemma can be solved if we focus on the new Acer empty truewhich is part of the brand’s “vero” line, which is a true technological innovation and is at an offer price of $649,990, considering its original price was $799,990, making it a great opportunity to buy it.

Environmental management and sustainability

Not long ago, Acer presented its “Vero” range, where you can find different technological products such as mice, mouse pads, laptop sleeves and the laptops themselves, among others.

These are products that have sustainability as their flag and obviously do not harm the environment.

Electronic waste, unfortunately, increases the environmental crisis, collecting around 50 million tons of mobile phones, cables and other types of waste in the year and that is why this proposal comes from the hand of the firm Acer.

The Acer Aspire Vero laptop is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic. 30% PCR1 (post-consumer recycled) plastic has been used in the chassis, which means around 21% of CO2 emissions are saved.

The keyboard is also made of 50% PCR plastic and the packaging is fully recyclable, completing the idea of ​​environmental stewardship and sustainability.

What sets it apart from other laptops is that, in addition, no paint has been used on the casing due to the environmental impact it produces, and this also gives it a unique design and texture in its category, since we are accustomed to seeing generally metallic structures.

This eco-friendly laptop features USB ports, headphone port, Kensington lock, USB Type-C, HDMI output and Ethernet port, 2 microphones and HD webcam.

It has a 15.6-inch screen with 1080P resolution and anti-glare technology. In addition, it has a weight of 1.8 kg, which makes it, with its dimensions, easy to carry wherever you go.

Something totally innovative is the keyboard, since it has the keys of the letters “R” and “E” reversed, referring to the environmental revolution of reducing, reusing and recycling and also making an obvious nod ecology in all its aspects.

East portable ecological It has a Windows 11 operating system, an Intel Core i7-1195G7 processor and a 256GB solid state drive that allows you to store games, movies and other files, and also allows you perform different tasks with optimal productivity.

In addition, it has an integrated Intel Iris XE graphics card which can handle video games on par with those of the PS4, but the battery lasts around 5 hours without interruption, obviously considering the environmental impact.

Another novelty that has the Acer empty true is that the screws that are in its structure are standardized screws so that repairs, upgrades and recycling are easier.

Another novelty is that it has an application installed called VeroSense and which guides us through different energy profiles, closely linked to and referring to nature. It is a smart battery management app that has four modes:

1) Eco+: provides extreme battery savings;

of them) Eco: Reduce performance to improve energy efficiency and battery life;

3) Balance: Automatically balances energy savings and performance;

4) Performance: Seeks to achieve the best overall performance.

In this case, everything is made from recycled paper and plastic, such as the packaging box (made from 85% recycled paper), the laptop case and the keyboard foil, as well as the sleeve in paper for the feeder.

Undoubtedly, Acer’s bet with its entire “Vero” range and with the portable ecological steel empty true above all, it is innovative but also responsible, because the technological era in which we live also harms the environment and with this proposal it seeks to demonstrate that environmental sustainability can also be achieved in the manufacture of a mobile device like a notebook.

This proposal distinguishes the product on the market and stands out from the laptops offered by other brands, with the aim of raising awareness of the environmental impact produced by the use of electronic products and helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

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