'Chilean TV is in crisis': Powerful TV figure sees industry collapsing

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In one of the recent episodes of “Moi Late” on TV+, there was the presence of a prominent figure of the national show: dancer, singer, TV producer and comedian.

The panel, made up of Daniel Fuenzalida, Mariela Sotomayor, Andrés Caniulef and Luis Sandoval, spoke with Maitén Montenegro, who made a severe analysis of Chilean television and the bad decisions made by those responsible for each channel, mainly because currently everyone bets on the same format (talent shows).

On the show, Caniulef asked the comedian, “Why are all the channels doing the same thing?” Maiten replied:

“Creativity and the ability to take risks are lacking,” he said upfront. Then he completed by saying that “the monopoly of talent shows is held by one producer for three different channels, to make it more economical, we comply with all of them and at the same time we are not really competitive”, said he said.

Maiten Montenegro | I beat

Likewise, Montenegro assured that it was suggesting profound changes in the industry to reverse the situation, however, “it is a fact that only adults watch open television”, he assured.

In the same, Daniel Fuenzalida asked to speak and agree with what was declared by the former comedian. “You read television very well today. So we see a TV that always gives the same thing, the mornings are all the same, talent shows, where is the creativity of the people who make the decisions on TV?

Chile’s Worst Open TV Moment

“You have to think that television is in crisis,” replied Maitén. “We really didn’t see it coming,” he said. Then he added the grave error of this debacle. “There was no ability to react. But you have to try new ideas and new projects,” she said, hoping to resolve the losing streak on local television.

In the same, he commented on his point of view on the chains that revive the productions of the past in order to survive. “They’re rehearsing the TV series from before with the same actors who are here today, some younger, some older…total lack of risk,” he said.

Daniel Fuenzalida and Maiten Montenegro | catch me late

And finally, the “first showman in Chile” gave an example of what the television industry did in the 1980s to reinvent itself in the face of the military dictatorship and the countless censorships that applied to entertainment formats at that time. . .

“It wasn’t easy for us in the 80s to make people laugh with any topic. However, there was an ingenuity that made us search on the side of how to get there.. I know all the humor can’t make you laugh like it used to, but there’s the spirit. The Chilean has become very serious, humor no longer dares to throw a good size for what is said on the networks”, he concluded.

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