David Escalante clarifies controversial Israel celebration days before Copa Chile clash with Palestino: 'It was a misunderstanding'

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This Sunday, Cobreloa is due to host Palestino for the Copa de Chile and many are wondering if it will be a special game for the Argentine striker since some time ago he showed his support for the Israeli people. However, in conversation with RedObjective he clarified that “many want to interpret in their own way and you have to be careful what you say”.

Escalante opened up about the controversial pro-Israel celebration he had in 2021.
© One Agency and ArchiveEscalante opened up about the controversial pro-Israel celebration he had in 2021.

The Chile Cup 2022 put back into action this Thursday, June 16 and San Antonio Unido kicked off with a surprise 2-1 win over Audax Italiano. Yes, however Cobreloa prepare to receive Palestinian on Sunday 19 and for many it will be a special match for David Escalante.

The Calama Desert Fox Stadium will attend the first leg duel between minors and Arabs for the third phase of the Creole football contest, where many are wondering if it will be a special duel for the 31-year-old Argentine striker due to the religion he he professes, and in conversation with RedObjective clarified whether this will be the case or not.

Thus, the trans-Andean ram of Tres Isletas was consulted in case his memorable and controversial celebration carrying and kissing an Israeli flag It will be a factor in what he does on the pitch this weekend, and his answer was clear.

“Never. I have nothing against PalestineOn the contrary, they are simple and normal people like everyone else, it was a misunderstanding when i showed the flag of israel“, underlined the former striker of Ñublense.

After that, Escalante warns that “there is nothing special“In the game they will be looking to beat the team led by Gustavo Costas and there was no major problem acknowledging that”for me it will be one more game”.

Regarding the celebration, “Chiquito” clarifies that “many want to interpret it in their own wayin his own way, so sometimes you have to be careful what you say. But hey, you have to win the weekend and make people happy, we know it’s also Father’s Day, so if we win, it will be double the joy.

Going fully into what the clash with Tino Tino will be, Escalante points out that “it will be a fun game to playto show above all young people who ask for a pitch and that people want to see them, because you have to have five young players”.

Of course, he also takes the opportunity to clarify that his main objective is not to be champion in this tournament. “Our goal is to become champions or to be promoted to Primera B, rather than playing the Copa Chilebut we will try to compete in the best way”.

Thus, regarding the mission to promote Cobreloa in any way, Escalante launches that “this is the idea, this is what we proposed at the beginning of the year, today at the end of the first round , we are second and with great expectation at eleven points from Magallanes knowing that they have to come and play here, but it will help us to continue to accelerate and consolidate the team, and thus be able to become strong at home”.

Beyond the result against Palestino, the greatest gift for Escalante is the health of his son

This Sunday, June 19, Cobreloa receives Palestino for the first leg valid for the third phase of the 2022 Chilean Cup at the Zorros del Desierto stadium in Calama, a Sunday when Father’s Day will also be celebrated in our country. And David Escalante is clear about the gift he wants.

Beyond being able to beat Palestino in the north of the country or not, Chiquito Escalante hopes to continue to see how his son Benjamín improves from the leukemia which the de loíno forward himself revealed he was suffering from in August 2021.

Thus, in a conversation with RedGol, the 31-year-old Argentine striker acknowledged that his offspring are “good, we have already had a year of treatment, we still have a year to do another bone marrow examination and see how is it “.

After that, to conclude, he points out that they continue “to have faith that when the two years are up, everything will be fine, so Benjamín has evolved well. He is back in school normally, he is in a football school here also at the Atacama Club here in Calama, so I am very happy and happy to be able to enjoy my children and my family”.

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