Double blow: in Peru they assure that two players went to blows after the elimination from the World Cup

The elimination from the World Cup deeply affected Peru. Besides the disappointment of a city that expected to celebrate for the second time in a row, the loss on penalties against Australia, with the spectacle of goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne included, in the team led by Ricardo Gareca, the mixture of sensations was much more intense. The disappointment and anger were strongly intertwined and went far beyond the limits of the Al Rayyan stadium in Doha, to the point that a Peruvian media reported that two players from the Rímac team were beaten to death in the hotel in the Qatari capital which served as a center of concentration.

The former Peruvian selected Francisco Bazán, known as Paco, revealed the confrontation. “They say families break up, don’t they? No, they don’t separate, but they have their fights. The brothers fight, they hit each other. And they tell me, they passed my heel, that after losing the penalty shootout they said the green candle in the locker room, “said the former goalkeeper of the show El Deportivo, on the ATV channel. The former footballer, yes, reserved the identity of those involved in the conflict.

The mood was so low that no one even dared to separate those who were hitting each other. “There was a lot of sadness. Then, in the Peru Concentration Hotel in Doha, two companions were beaten and no one was able to separate them,” Bazán insisted in his account. “Nobody got involved. They let them vent all their anger through their fists,” insisted the former goalkeeper, promising to continue to reveal information.

Peruvian disappointment after elimination (Photo: Reuters)

The situation increases the tension in a team which will now face a new worry, since the contract of coach Ricardo Gareca has come to an end and a tough negotiation expects him to remain in office. El Tigre has installed a cloak of doubt. “When I get to Lima, I’ll see what I do,” he said after the elimination.

Agustín Lozano, the president of the Peruvian federation confirmed that they have not spoken with the coach yet. “Today we didn’t talk about it. We are very grateful to Ricardo (Gareca), with his technical mastery. We didn’t talk about the subject at all and I think that these days there will be a lot of dialogue, a lot of conversation. We will certainly have a meeting with my board of directors. With all those who make up the command and technical command family, “he said. That yes, in Peru they affirm that the intention of the FPF is to extend the process of the technician born in Argentina.

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