'Everything came to me': Jhonny Herrera slammed this University of Chile player for wanting to leave

In the University of Chile there is not much patience after the terrible cycle of Santiago Escobar, which resulted in his dismissal and that of all the professionals who approached the club Luis Roggiero, former sporting director of the institution. Today, with Diego López, it is expected that everything the Colombian does will be left behind.

At the Blues there are voices authorized to comment on the current situation at the sporting level and the one who has never been silent is Jonathan Herrera, an idol who still makes his saves in the strange goal. And the former keeper of University of Chile He didn’t react well to one of the players who wants to leave the institution for personal reasons.

Herrera saved 497 chances with the University of Chile. There he managed to collect 13 titles

“If it were up to social media, I would have retired at 22, I would be hanging in Ángol on the hill behind my house. Everything came to me, they put canvases in the stadiums, stabbed”Herrera explained after learning that Hernán Galíndez wanted to leave the Romantic Traveler after his family received threats.

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