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The Epic Games Store giveaway season is over. That said, the above does not mean that the PC game store has stopped having great surprises for its community. In fact, they already offer indie inspired by classic franchises like Gate, Zelda Yes metroid.

The thing is, for a limited time, the Epic Games Store is giving away copies of supraland. It is a first-person game that has caught many people’s attention for featuring an interesting combination of genres and drawing inspiration from true gaming classics.

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To download Supraland just follow these steps:

How to have supraland free?

  • Click here to go to the page of supraland on Epic Games Store
  • Click the Get button on the right side of the screen
  • A screen will appear with purchase information
  • Press Order

It is important to note that this promotion will only be available for a limited time. We say this because it started today and will end at 10:00 a.m. Mexico City time on June 23, 2022. We recommend activating the game as soon as possible so you don’t run out of your copy.

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why download supraland free?

Now why the hell should you download supraland free? First of all it’s a free game and they say you can’t see a tooth on a gift horse. That said, there are other reasons to get it.

What happens is that supraland is a very interesting indie game that takes inspiration from Portal, Zelda and Metroid to offer a first-person adventure with puzzles and lots of fun in an interconnected world. Note that it has an overwhelmingly positive review rating on Steam after over 7,600 reviews, so it’s clear this is a highly acclaimed game.

“A mix between Gate, Zelda Yes metroid. Explore, solve puzzles, defeat monsters, discover secret upgrades and new abilities that will help you reach new places. Playing time: between 12 and 25 hours. supraland it assumes you’re smart and won’t interfere with your autonomy. The story is minimal, enough to give you an objective to follow and then set you free,” the game’s official description reads.

You can learn more about supraland in the following video:

What do you think of this novelty? Are you eager to download supraland free? Tell us in the comments.

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