Gabriel Suazo defends the permanence of the golden generation at La Roja: "They taught us that the Chilean team can win and that the substitution should not be abrupt"

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Gabriel Suazo spoke about the present and future of the Chilean team amid Eduardo Berizzo’s arrival and debut as La Roja’s new coach. For Colo Colo captain and recurring nominee for Everyone’s Team, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, Claudio Bravo and company still have some string and experience to contribute.

Gabriel Suazo is betting on the permanence of the golden generation and not on a sudden change in the Chilean team.
© An agencyGabriel Suazo is betting on the permanence of the golden generation and not on a sudden change in the Chilean team.

Gabriel Suazo works in Argentina in the middle of the Colo Colo offseason on the other side of the mountain range, with the Cacique awaiting the start of the second half and duel agreed for this Saturday, June 18, for the first leg of the third round of the Copa Chile against Deportes Temuco as a local.

In a conversation with ESPN Chile, the captain of the cacique admitted his sadness at having missed the tour of the Chilean team in Asia, in Eduardo Berizzo’s debut with La Roja. Suazo was released from the payroll after suffering a muscle injury to his right biceps femoris.

“These are things you don’t expect, for me the moment of the injury was very sad, I had come from several games in a row and for the previous three days I had a fever and stomach pains, I couldn’t rest or eat well and it ends until it takes its toll. Those are things that can happen but I’m here full to get back to the max,” the left-back said.

The national team added that “with Berizzo I didn’t have the opportunity to talk, if we talk happily, but I didn’t have that opportunity. He arrived recently and had to travel to take charge of the three games in Asia. Obviously, the consideration here at Colo Colo, to be able to play for the national team, is a source of pride. To be here and play for the national team, I have always said that… whenever I play anywhere, called up or like this time I got injured, I will always support and be with positive energy for the team, support from wherever I play”.

On the other hand, it was consulted during the golden generation de la Roja and the still controversial issue of replacement. Suazo was outspoken and defended the two-time America’s champions who are still in high performance.

“They are the ones who taught us that Chile can win, compete and achieve important things. I couldn’t see much from the previous teams like third place in the Olympics, but I saw them and that’s my closest example: the golden generation,” said the versatile Colo Colo player.

Gabriel Suazo said that “replacement should not be about abruptly removing the golden generation and introducing new ones. No change should be drastic. Those who can continue and feel strong enough to continue, who are the vast majority, must continue, and we must learn day by day because they have much more experience and titles than us. We have to grow with them and with the new coach. A drastic change will not benefit anyone.

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