Gabriel Suazo takes the risk and recognizes that Colo Colo is thinking of winning the South American Cup: "It's an important title that our institution does not have"

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Colo Colo captain Gabriel Suazo assesses whether or not he can return to the ring this Saturday against Deportes Temuco for the Copa Chile at the start of the second half. In the meantime, he reveals that the Cacique has moved on from the Libertadores and is focusing on the South Americans even if it’s difficult.

Gabriel Suazo and Colo Colo want to win the Copa Sudamericana.
© An agencyGabriel Suazo and Colo Colo want to win the Copa Sudamericana.

Gabriel Suazo long talked about since the offseason of summer camp in Argentina. In conversation with ESPN, the captain of the Cacique discussed the problems of the Chilean team and various current topics of the white team.

Colo Colo starts the second half this Saturday 18 at home against Deportes Temuco for the first leg of the third round of the Chilean Cup. Will Suazo be able to play, recovering from the injury that ruled him out of La Roja’s Asian tour?

“Obviously I think for Saturday, at the disposal of the coach. It will depend on what the coaching staff will talk with the medical field, that they see how the injury is and how I feel too, which is very important,” Suazo said.

The winger added that “physically I was not able to work as hard as my teammates, but I followed well physically. We will make the best decision for the team, for me and for everyone this weekend.”

On the other hand, the white youth team reveals that the thorn of elimination in the Copa Libertadores has been removed. El Cacique has turned the page and is now focusing on winning the National Championship, the Chilean Cup… and the South American Cup.

“Obviously we stay with the results, the match there with Alianza which we couldn’t win. The match in Argentina which we lost 4-0 against River, but the first half was equal. Yes, we made a mistake in the second half and these teams don’t forgive you. The results stain and tarnish the good we did because we didn’t achieve the goal of qualifying. It hurt us and we’re not afraid to say it was a failure, but that’s not why we’re not going to stand up and fight for South America, which is also an important title that our institution doesn’t have and we want to get it,” he said.

Suazo bluntly concludes that “whether it’s the Copa Sudamericana or the Libertadores, no rival is easy and we have a difficult team (Internacional de Porto Alegre), but we have our weapons and our style of play well planned. We want to be strong at home and away and we will do everything. We want to win everything we play, even if it’s difficult, but we’ll try”.

The case of Pablo Solari

Likewise, the Colo Colo captain addressed the controversial Pablo Solari show, who was clouded amid interest and frustration to sign America from Mexico.

“Here in our country, our league is below the Mexican league today, according to the standings. Teams from different countries in South America play in the Mexican league. I’m sure if he has to leave or stay, Pablo will keep growing and improving day by day to be able to fulfill his goal of playing in Europe, that’s what I told him” said the winger.

Gabriel Suazo said: “I want the best for my friend. The institution and our team are very important, but for me it is more important that Pablo succeeds, continues to grow as a footballer and I hope that is the case; now, at the end of the year or whenever. May he continue to grow as a player to achieve his dreams”.

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