Hidden Truths refuses to finish: they delay the broadcast date of its last chapter

The national channel’s iconic television series, which has aired for five years, has changed the air date of its final chapter and delayed it by a week. Sources from BioBioChile have assured that this will be a change in the schedule of the program.

The fiction created more than 5 years ago by the Mega Drama Estate, Hidden Truthsdelayed the air date of its final chapter, which It was to be broadcast in the afternoon of Monday 20..

When broadcasting your episode 1126 broadcast todayviewers were able to see an on-screen advertisement stating that the final chapter of the long-running TV series will air on May 22, not the date originally announced.

Reasons for change

The decision should be channel list changesas reported by BioBioChile sources.

This from the premiere of Until I find youfiction that will relieve Hidden Truths, moved to next Wednesdayso the conclusion of Rocío’s story will also change for this day.

Hidden Truths Opening Story

The TV series created by the national channel, which saw its first chapter aired on July 24, 2017 -five years ago-, initially told the story of Laura and her two daughters, Rocío and Agustina/Rosita. It should be remembered that the plot revolved around the woman was forced to sell one of her firstborns due to economic problems.

However, since this storyline, a huge story has passed and several characters have left and joined the TV series.

Currently, the fiction is approaching its final chapters, where Rocio, played by Solange Lackingtonreconciles with his son Benjaminpersonified by the actor Gabriel Urzua.

Whereas, Gaspar (Cristián Arriagada) escapes after confessing to the murders he committed to defend Mateoplayed by Cristián Carvajal, with whom he has a romantic relationship.

As, Julietwith Javiera Diaz de Valdés, suffers a nervous breakdown after giving birth to her son with Benjamin. On another side, Cristóbal, played by Matías Oviedo, is released after being sentenced to prison for the murder of Eliana (Mabel Farias).

However, in the last chapter, it will be revealed that Mateo is responsible for the latest deaths and crimes that have afflicted the characters, which he committed to get revenge on Cristóbal for the murder of his mother..

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