History of Los Jaivas is coming to HBO Max as a documentary: it already has a release date

The audiovisual special, narrated in the first person by Jaivas themselves, travels through nearly 60 years of archival footage and interviews that chronicle the life of one of Latin America’s most influential bands and currently a living legend of Chilean rock.

The biographical documentary produced by Invercine and Fenomeno will be available throughout Latin America via the HBO Max streaming platform to revisit the history of Los JaivasWhenever you want.

For this reason, the journalist and musician Sergio Lagos, in collaboration with the Los Jaivas Cultural Foundation, proposed this work which, through songs, stories and unpublished cinematographic material from the archive, reflects the importance and coherence of the group born in 1963 under the name “High Bass”.

In the middle of the most violent century in the history of humanity, between atomic bombs, space travel and dreams of a better world, a story of resistance, love and friendship is born that magically brings together many years of commitment.

Los Jaivas is considered one of the most important rock bands in Chile. Its founders (Gato, Claudio, Mario, Eduardo and Gabriel) take us on a psychedelic journey through their own story, never told before. From the intimate archives recorded for more than half a century by the cameras of the group, the Viñamarinos will transport us on a cosmic journey of love, camaraderie and perseverance overcoming death thanks to their work which has succeeded in transcending generations.

“They always believed in the music they made, they continued in the same musical line, with the same ideal. And this ideal was the one I saw since I was little, since I had the use of reason and that I could see them as a family, as musicians by my side,” says Juanita Parra, current drummer for Los Jaivas and daughter of Gabriel, in the HBO Max documentary. , original drummer and one of founders.

“Chile is our biggest conscience and it’s our only reason. We have managed to work with the most precious elements of our people, our homeland and our country,” Eduardo Parra points out at another point in the documentary.

For producer Macarena Cardone, entering the world of Los Jaivas was a profound revelation: “I think it’s an epic piece, very intimate with this musical history, with their vision of the world. Always united, they brought an unalterable, transversal and diversified discourse of peace and unity. Los Jaivas represents an unlikely artistic work that embodies the cultural and emotional identity of Chile, a rock band still alive with almost 60 years of history, considered one of the most important and influential in South America.

The visual richness of Los Jaivas and the narrative of this special will be available on HBO Max, allowing viewing across the continent starting June 28. Cardone adds, “Now it will be available to its fans across Latin America through HBO Max as we are sure it tells of a one-of-a-kind feat that should be publicized.”

Viewers will witness the group’s controversial first steps in Chile, international friendship with the people of Zárate, their successful stay in Buenos Aires, the ineffable European adventure and the most painful chapters of their biography.

Serge Lagos, Chilean journalist, musician and television host, comments: “This is the beginning of the celebration of 60 years of life of Chile’s most beloved group and one of the most important popular music groups in America. It is a profound gift for all of us who firmly believe in fraternity, in the common good and in love between human beings.

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