How do I turn my house into a smart home?  Some things to consider

Imagine waking up on a cold winter day. It’s 6 a.m. and the curtains are already open. A faint illumination mimics the light of dawn and a soft voice reminds him of each of his commitments and duties to be accomplished during the day. Getting out of bed seems like less of a chore with a warm temperature and a pleasant atmosphere outside. All this is possible today thanks to the home automation.

Home automation is the term that encompasses home automationthe same that allows us to enjoy a few more minutes of rest and living comfortably with a minimum of effort. Just enough set a series of prompts on smart speakers linked to our devices in our house and they’ll take care of the rest.

According Francisco Goicsenior managing partner of SP Digital“products that are part of the smart home ecosystem hThey have gradually increased their demand over the past 3 years, reaching an annual increase of 9.2%.that during the cyber they added up to 42% more sales, compared to a normal month”.

The increase in the search for smart devices could be due to the wide variety of new products that have been added to item families that facilitate the performance of remote tasksthose who go from mobile video doorbells to pet food dispensers you can control from your smartphone.

Along this line, the variety It’s not just found in artifacts, as different price ranges are starting to emerge with the new brands that are added to the smart market, under different degrees of quality and number of functions that each of the devices can perform.

But there are always preferencesand here are some of the products most requested to transform houses into smart homes:

  • Speakers: With this device, you can control various smart devicesWhat vacuum cleaners and security cameras. They are also able to listen to your favorite song, set alarms and be reminded of daily obligations and meetings.
  • bulbs: with varieties of shades and colors, They are controllable by Wifi, mobile apps and some even have voice control. Smart bulbs can transform all spaces into a new personalized environment.
  • Automatic vacuum cleaner: able to vacuum dust and surface debris from floorsthose little robots They sometimes have a level of intelligence that allows them to recognize, thanks to the cartography, the spaces of your house. The floors they will be clean at the press of a button.

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