'I had lunch with that, hope I don't have more': Kanela responds to Mario Velasco's claims after revealing why he was banned from the Telethon

The singer of Noche de Brujas, Héctor Muñoz aka “Kanela” surprised after talking about the words of Mario Velasco who recently revealed why he was banned from the Telethon after partying with the singer and Dj Méndez.

A few days ago, Zona Latina’s face got straight on the show after revealing why a Telethon tour didn’t end because he performed in a crazy reel with the artists.

“In Talca, they said to me: ‘Unfortunately, you will have to go back to Santiago…. It was diabolical, because I was with DJ Méndez and with Kanela and we were having an incredible time (…) As Méndez and Kanela were fat and I was bad, they cut to the thinnest and the children continued the tour, as if I was the bad influence and nothing to do, they were going to look for me in the room”, he declared on this occasion, revealing even that they went out with women when the two artists were married.

The lyrics of the singer

Singer Kanela referenced the lyrics of “the Anfibio” through a conversation with JC Rodríguez in “Follow Me The Good”, where he addressed the controversy from his sidewalk.

“Bucha, compadre, what happened to him?” Man undermined, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. We’re going to give him a little call, but I’m sending him a hello because I haven’t seen him for a long time, “said the musician, revealing that the event happened around 2014.

“I didn’t find any brilliance there either, because the news is very old. We are one of the groups that is on 90% of the Telethon tours and that doesn’t deny it either, I have a face of cumbia, so imagine what it’s like over there, but it always happens. I think like Mario says they let him down, they never let me down,” Kanela said, ensuring that they did not charge for the Telethon tours.

“So how do we get paid? To have a good time…always support the cause,” he added with a laugh, confirming that it was true that Mario Velasco had been banned from the event.

“What Mario says is true. They left it under the bus, not me. We were coming from the northern tour, it must have been in Talca. We are talking about 2013, 2014… the chip that compadre released, old, is old. But there was always that vibe of good vibes on tour, and we missed those years,” the singer said.

“I had lunch with these statements, I hope I don’t have more”, added Kanela Muñoz laughing about the particular words of Velasco on his evenings with Dj Méndez in the past.

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