“I want to play it before I die”: the famous 86-year-old YouTuber asked for her favorite video game to be released soon

"I want to play it before I die": the famous 86-year-old YouTuber asked for her favorite video game to be released soon

Despite the fact that the world of video games is generally more associated with younger age groups, this does not mean that older people cannot feel passion for this universe. And this is demonstrated by a very passionate woman, especially by the saga “The Ancient Scrolls”an RPG that lets you explore an expansive and diverse epic fantasy story.

It is Curry Shirleywoman of 86 years old famous for his videos on Youtube playing his favorite video game. He recently said he hopes to be able to play “The Elder Scrolls VI”, the next version of the work you love so much.

Curry has a large following, in fact he has more than 1 million subscribers On the platform. Thanks to the love fans have for her, last month she was invited to a panel at the PAX East 2022 event. On this occasion, she was asked what she would ask Todd Howardthe company’s main “The Elder Scrolls” game developer Bethesda.

“I would tell him to give me a cool game and hurry up and finish ‘The Elder Scrolls VI.’ I want to play it before I dieCurri replied And it is that this desire is accompanied by the fact that the delivery is still far from being revealed, since it is in a state of pre-production.

The American’s state of health caused concern, because in March of this year she suffered a stroke. Although he is already better and on treatment, he said he has forgotten some of the memories he has of playing video games. The damage made it difficult to record and play.

The beginnings of “Grandmother Skyrim”

The woman who is currently known as “Skyrim Grandma”, in honor of the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”discovered the video game in 2014 when his son sent him a video of someone playing it. I bought the game and started playing each role in detail, trying out different characters and factions,” he told La Tercera.

At first, I only watched and commented on other people’s videos playing. But people started arriving asking him to record himself performing. This is how in 2015 he started his career on YouTube and got 90,000 subscribers in just two months; Well, in addition to having charisma, her story has drawn attention on different social networks.

Despite receiving hateful comments that seek to undermine Curry’s work, she was also elated by the appreciation her community has for her. “What I like the most are the comments from my audience. I love reading them and trying to respond to them as much as possible. They are very kind and support me. I love chatting with people who regularly leave messages.” expressed to the medium.

Shirley Curry has been close to Bethesda for a long time, in fact, she even has a non-playable character dedicated to her in an expansion for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.

With her career, the woman shows that age is not an obstacle to engaging in exciting activities that supposedly do not correspond to her age group. A real example to follow.

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