'I'm in incredible pain' and 'I can't walk well': Ozzy Osbourne's difficult last years

Far from the excesses and glory of yesteryear, the last years of the mythical Ozzy Osbourne was much closer to the vicissitudes of a 73-year-old man, with a lot of rock in the body. A few days ago, the heavy metal reference reported that he was back home after undergoing surgery major enough for his wife Sharon to say days before that it was a an operation that “was to determine the rest of his life”.

In a statement released yesterday, the so-called Prince of Darkness provided an update on his situation: “I have now returned from the hospital and I am recovering comfortably”. He also took the opportunity to thank his unconditional supporters. “I definitely feel the love and support from all my fans and send you all a big thank you for your thoughts, prayers and best wishes during my recovery.”

Ozzy Osbourne

International media report that it was a very delicate operation in the neck area. A source close to the family told Page Six, this is directly linked to the domestic accident suffered by the musician in 2019, which forced him at the time to suspend all presentations on his No More Tours farewell tour, which he hopes to resume in 2022 after postponing it three times due to his health problems and the pandemic. “Ozzy is 73 and any type of surgery when you get older is difficult. Its very important. They’ve been realigning the pins in his neck and back since his fall in 2019.”

This accident (a fall in the bathroom of his house, during which he lost his balance and hit his head squarely) marked the present of the famous artist. To his misfortune, this misfortune occurred in a particularly difficult year. It happened while he was recovering from the flu for which he had to be hospitalized. “Osbourne was diagnosed with a serious upper respiratory infection. which the doctor believes could turn into pneumonia given the physical nature of the live performances and a busy travel schedule in Europe in extreme winter conditions,” the statement read at the time.

Therefore, the accident only further complicated his health. “I suffer a lot” revealed the same in an interview with Hello America. Worse still, since he hadn’t used drugs in years, he had to take drugs that were much less powerful for his body, which is why they had almost no effect on him. “I have to take all these painkillers, but I’m dying from all these opioids [drogas] that I can’t bear.”


And in addition, after undergoing an operation for the accident, he suffered from body pain. “My arm went numb from surgery, my legs keep getting cold. I don’t know if it’s Parkinson’s disease or what, but that’s the problem. When they did the operation, they cut my nerves. Until that moment, I had never heard of nerve pain.

This adds to the ailments he was already suffering from after a quad accident in 2003. “I can’t walk well these days. I do physical therapy every morning. I’m a little better, but not as much as I would like to get back on the road.”he confided to the specialized magazine Metal Hammer in 2021.

However, Ozzy’s misfortunes did not end. In 2020, he revealed he had Parkinson’s disease. A diagnosis reminiscent of Parkin’s syndrome which was revealed to him in 2005, which was linked to the tremors from which he suffered, attributed to his excesses of alcohol and drugs during his youth.

“It’s Parkin 2, which is a form of Parkinson’s disease. This disease manifests itself in different ways, and in any case it is not a death sentence. Yes, it affects the nerves, so there are good days, bad days and then a really bad one,” said his wife Sharon Osbourne, who made the announcement in an interview she offered with her husband to hello america. The musician simply could not speak.

Ozzy Osbourne

Even then, it was revealed that they were going to seek treatment in Switzerland, as they had not performed well in the United States. “Barely a year ago, I was in a terrible state. I took medication for several months.”pointed out the man whose voice resonates in heavy metal classics like paranoid.

But the pandemic has kept the musician locked up at home. Without doing too much, he begins to work on a new album, the successor to ordinary man which in 2020 marked his return after a decade without publication). Reports say there’s a selection of guest stars on the album, with names like his former Black Sabbath half, Tony Iommi; plus Zakk Wylde, Josh Homme, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith, Duff McKagan, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Mike McCready. He himself reported that the recording of the album is finished and that he hopes to release it during this season.

The health issues are not over. In April this year, it was reported that Ozzy has contracted covid-19, after two years without contagion, despite the fact that his wife, Sharon, and their children had already suffered. “I spoke to him and he is fine”Sharon told Britain’s Talk TV network. “I’m very worried about Ozzy right now. We’ve gone two years without him getting covid, and it’s just Ozzy’s luck that he gets it now.”

Despite everything, the musician was optimistic about his return to the stage. “I hope I can give more concerts, I can’t wait to see you all again”. He also assured Metal Hammer that he would return to live in England, and that “At seventy-three, I did pretty well. I have no intention of going anywhere, but my time will come.”

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