"It's a trauma": Ruth Gamarra, ex-Mekano, reappears after a fatal accident in her apartment

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The former Mekano girl Ruth Gamarra reappeared this Wednesday during a conversation with Jose Miguel Vinuela in “From my kitchen with Nené”, where he evoked the tragic accident which occurred in 2021 in his apartment, when his former companion died after falling from a 12th floor.

The topic came up when the host asked her how her life had changed after that fatal incident, to which Ruth replied: “It’s a trauma, I was bad for several months. I stopped working for six months because it was something very strong. But things happened and it came out in the press…”

“Are you well today? Viñuela asked him, to which the former Mekano replied that “yes, I’m fine.” In the press, it came out that he was my partner… I will clarify… It came out that he was my partner, in others it was not the case. I wasn’t really with him anymore.”

Ruth Gamarra and Jose Miguel Vinuela

It was there that Ruth explained that the man was no longer her partner at the time, but that day “came to my house because we were doing karaoke. I love his family very much. His family is really like mine, because I’m very close to them.”

“Out of respect for the family, I I never went out to clarify how the events unfolded. What hurt me was that, for example, I went on vacation in April with my sisters in Miami, and everyone criticized why I was on vacation if that had happened. Whether I was with him or not, everyone is grieving,” he said.

PDI took Ruth Gamarra’s cell phone

in conversation, Jose Miguel Vinuela told Gamarra that after the accident, “I remember when you posted a video where you were very desperate because the investigating police had taken your cell phone, which is finally your work tool”.

“Yes, it happened in December, and I had a fair in Maitencillo in January and February. I lost the fair because I did not have contact with my contractors and unfortunately I had no support. But hey, it was a step, I suffered a lot, I was with a psychiatrist, but thank God I had the support of my family, his family too“, he explained.

Ruth Gamarra’s duel

“The first few days, I couldn’t get out of bed. Other than that it was so awful. TV news was under my house all day. I didn’t even want to look out on the balcony. A friend came out to say I wasn’t there, but it was a lie, I was, it was to get them to leave me alone,” he recalled.

Later, he assured that “everyone asked me. I started having panic attacks, which I had never had in my life. Horrible. That part was awful.”

“And whether they like it or not, even if people say, or whether I’ve been with him or not, it was equal trauma, it happened to me. I spent many months without being able to getting out of bed and not being able to work. I started working now, just two months ago. And working has helped me a lot, other than the fact that I’m passionate about what I do. And my little ones -children, my daughter. So thank God, I am cured and it has helped me a lot to resume my normal life”, he concluded.

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