"It's been costing me a whole world lately...": JP Cretton's powerful message after revealing he was suffering from depression

The host of the CHV, Jean Philippe Cretton caught the attention of the web after sharing a powerful reflection on his social networks where he mentioned mental health problems.

The face of Podemos Hablar has been honest with his followers, revealing that he suffered from bouts of depression, leaving his testimonial with the aim of raising awareness on the subject and helping others who may be going through the same thing.

“A message that I hope will help. It shows that it is always good to talk. It cost me to do it, but an important part of healing is being able to show myself for who I am. With the good and the bad”, detailed on the social network.

“You can, you always can and I felt being able to share that with you would help lighten the load. It’s scary because you don’t know what consequences can come from showing your weaknesses, but the exquisite thing about to live and to be human is that we have emotions. A huge hug to those who are in the same battle and thank you for so much love, “said the host in the video where he delves into the subject.

your reflection

“First of all, I would like to tell you that I have been going in circles to make this video for many months, there is something that stopped me, but there is also something that allowed me to share it It’s a very difficult topic to comment on, but it’s related to depression or the different twists and turns that mental health can have,” he confessed.

“This sadness is something that has been with me for many years of my life. Unfortunately, it gets a little more complex over time. And it’s hard to talk about it because I believe there’s still a lot prejudice about the subject. So it’s inevitable to feel a little bit of fear, fear, fear, apprehension, to be able to say what you feel,” Cretton explained.

“It’s complex to talk about it because we live in a very competitive, very successful situation, where what is postulated is the idea that everything must always go well. That there must be good results, that there must be happiness, that you always have to do things with a lot of energy, with a lot of optimism… So those of us who don’t have access to this locker , we are left behind, ”reflects the facilitator.

“It’s also very easy for us to be stigmatized as weak people… And it’s costing a world, it’s costing me a world lately. There are things that have always been of interest that are diluted, like in my case, for example, the music, “said the musician, specifying that he does not feel motivated to compose songs because he thinks that no one will listen to his music.

“I find it difficult to work”

“And the same at work. I find it difficult to work, I find it difficult to broadcast programs and it’s quite paradoxical because the program I’m currently on has very good results. But I find it difficult, I find it difficult to get up, I find it difficult to go there, I find it difficult to speak, I find it difficult to speak”, he confided, admitting that for him it’s ironic since he works “animated” on others and sometimes he can’t encourage himself.

“And I wanted to share it, not be embarrassed or anything like that. This is what we people who are in this situation like the least, but maybe looking for some voices of empathy. Or try telling those who are in a similar situation that after all we are not alone. It can happen to all of us,” added JP Cretton.

“That’s why I wanted to express that, it’s hard for me to talk about these things because I also feel that over time you start to be the latero… But something something makes me want to say it, want to share it and I hope something makes sense, and also generates a situation of support, hugs, support for those of us who are going through this stuff,” he added in the register receiving messages of support.

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