NASA still hasn't solved the mystery of the Voyager 1 probe: "We have a problem"

NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft continues to send back the wrong signals about its location, and the agency investigated the matter further in a recent intervention. “We have a problem,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, the agency’s associate administrator.

Launched into space in 1977, the craft works well, but is confused about its location. The most complicated thing is that due to the enormous distance, it will be very difficult for NASA to resolve the damage.

It is currently about 23.3 billion kilometers from our planet, explore interstellar space, having made several discoveries.

Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, spoke to the Board for Space Studies of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

The executive points out that although the ship has adequate orientation, the data it sends “They don’t reflect what’s actually happening on board.”

Due to the distance, the delays in communications are very important.

“Imagine having a conversation with someone where you can only say one word a day. And you only get a response every other day. That’s the kind of conversation we have.” said Zurbuchen, quoted by the Space portal.

The Voyager 1 ship and its immediate fate, what can happen to it? NASA responds

The mission is about to reach 45 years, and Zurbuchen acknowledges that the spacecraft “cannot last forever”. “I’m not telling you that this is the end of this mission. Make no mistake, there were issues even since I’ve been at NASA that were really concerning about Voyager – the team fixed it.”

“But also, if one day it’s not fixed, it’s an immediate success and you have to break the champagne”, acknowledging all that has been accomplished throughout the mission.

The main objective of the Voyager mission was to locate and study the boundaries of the solar system. NASA has launched two spacecraft: the 722 kilogram Voyager 1 is currently the furthest spacecraft from Earth; 2, is 19,500 million kilometers from our planet.

The information provided by the two spacecraft has led to a better understanding of the heliosphere, the barrier that the Sun creates around the planets of the Solar System.

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