"Separate the Chilean national team from the ANFP": Minister Benado advocates the separation of the two parties |  Soccer

Minister Benado, presented before the senatorial commission, the project that promotes the separation of the ANFP and the Chilean national team.

A subject that has been talked about for years, with no apparent solution. Several leaders have tried to separate the ANFP from the Chilean team, but everything remains in the intentions.

Now the Minister Benado, has officially communicated that it will promote the separation of the two parts. The former national team player, officially exposed the government-led project.

The sports manager, commented before the Committee on Constitution, Legislation, Justice and Rules of the Upper Housethe formula to carry out this plan.

On this subject, the 46-year-old minister underlined in her presentation: “The establishment of the professional sports league constitutes a express separation of allocations between the entity exercising for-profit sport-entertainment and the one who competes national sports federations.

“No one is leading these professional leagues, who sits on the board of directors can hold directorships the Federation. This immediately produces a real and effective separation between the federations and the professional leagues”, he underlined.

Reactions to planning

After the presentation made by the national sport summit, the Senator Matthias Walker, thanked and expressed his support, before the sketched proposal of the government and saved him from being presented before this committee.

According to the words of the lawyer himself on his social networks, he said: “I thank Minister Benado, their support for our initiative, as well as the announcement of indications for definitively separate the ANFP from the FFCH, establishing that both are sports organizations subject to control.

Faced with these new positions and the Minister Benado, as the leader of the proposal, agrees with what has been commented on by the ANFP some time ago, who have indicated that they have worked on this relationship, cut the ties that unite the two entities. However, none of this happened and the Chilean Federation, and the ANFP, They continue to depend on each other.

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