The novel is over!  America drops out of race and Pablo Solari stays at Colo Colo

After many stretches The TV series between Pablo Solari and América de México is over. El Pibe was in the Eagles’ plans, but according to information from the Aztec country, the striker will remain in summer camp.

Since the summer, the Mexican team has been trying to bring the young Argentinian value to Liga MX. However, from the cacique, they slammed the door on his offer and They declared the player non-transferable while they played the Copa Libertadores.

With the first round closed and the contest eliminated, America returned charging across the Transandean. Thanks to their economic power, the Eagles tried at all costs to convince Pablo Solari, who showed his desire to leave.

But despite the desire, in Colo Colo they did not agree with the form. The Cacique expected to receive four million cash to sit and talk, which kept the Pibe out of the offseason and with rumors of a breakup with Gustavo Quinteros.

America drops bids for Pablo Solari again

This Thursday, Gustavo Quinteros spoke about what was going on with Pablo Solari and partially clarified the panorama. The coach pointed out that the Argentine suffered from physical problems which prevented him from being in the friendlies of the off-season, while everything pointed to annoyance due to the negotiation.

But for hours this afternoon, it was from Mexico that the news came that the white fans had been waiting for. America have given up on their desire to take the forward and won’t be making any more offers.

This was revealed by Super Deportivo de AM, where they point out that the Eagles were upset with the way the Cacique stayed for the negotiation. Apparently the Mexicans expected to leave the player on a plate, which the board refused to do.

“Colo Colo rejected the offer and Although America considered launching a new bid, what it sees as the Chileans’ “bad manners” ended up convincing them to give Solari free rein.“, they detail.

With this, in the Cacique they close the chapter and now focus on recovering the best version of Pablo Solari. El Pibe won’t be in the Copa Chile debut but he hopes to be in the Copa Sudamericana second leg or debut against Porto Alegre’s Inter. The second round will be the Argentinian’s way of having options to start football with a lot more to offer his career.

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