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Celebrity harassment is not a recent thing as there are many instances in history where people for one reason or another have become so obsessed with a public figure that they bully them and make their presence known. at all costs. In the internet age, it becomes more relevant due to the speed with which information travels and even it can be a useful tool to avoid misfortune, just like what happened with the streamer Amouranth.

Amouranth stalker arrested trying to enter streamer’s house

Today, successful streamer Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, shared the terrible story she experienced over the past few weeks when she realized that a man from Europe was starting to harass her and intended to break into her home. Through a series of tweets, the streamer reported that this topic is from Estonia and started broadcasting the stages of his journey until he reached the city where he lives and the situation turned into panic when he realized he was outside his house trying to get in. Amouranth immediately contacted the police, in fact he points to mistreatment by 911 personnel, and after 30 minutes police arrived on the scene to arrest the subject.

Subject sold everything he had in Estonia to get to the United States

According to what Amouranth tells, at first he did not pay attention to what was happening because the subject was doing it from Estonia, however, as the days went by, the fact became dark when he was informed that this person had sold his house and other possessions and left the country for the United States with only a saxophone and the clothes he was traveling with.

Once in the United States, the stalker checked into a hotel near Amouranth’s home and spent 44 days posing as a foreigner who played the saxophone to the delight of passers-by outside a space of restoration. This was all streamed live on Twitch, while in a personal blog he said everything he did was aimed at reaching Amouranth’s house.

The streamer reported the case and asked Twitch for help, but the platform only shut down the stalker’s channel, who soon opened others. By the time she decided to go to Amouranth, she had already prepared herself with security guards alert to any possibility of entering the house, but since the police had done their job, there was no need.

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