Tobar assures that Chile against Italy in 1962 would not have ended with him:

Chilean referee Roberto Tobar will admit, in TNT Sports’ Memorabiblia, that he would have stopped Chile against Italy in 1962 for at least 10 sending offs.

This Thursday, June 16, from 9 p.m. TNT Sports will broadcast a special memories based on the epic 1962 World Cup.

It is a space that will seek to bring historical moments to the present for the Chilean national team, which won third place in the contest held in our country.

In one of the spaces, the national judges Roberto Tobar and Maria Belen Carvajal will analyze what has been “Battle of Santiago”one of the most violent and memorable meetings of this world event (Chile against Italy).

“The reaction of Leonel Sánchez with a fist in the face was for a direct expulsion. In my opinion, clearly, this is the most violent match that exists in the history of the World Cups,” commented Tobar.

“If I had been in this game I wouldn’t have finished the first half. 4 or 5 players would have been sent off for each national team”will add the national judge.

Carvajal, for his part, will point out that “in this World Cup, there have been no yellow or red cards. This battle is all the more important as many rules have been born that will be implemented by FIFA in the future. It was essential for referee Ken Aston to create the yellow and red cards later.

The heroes of the 1962 World Cup

Some players of this epic like Sergio Navarro, Humberto ‘Chita’ Cruz and Jorge Toro They will also be present in the special, recalling never-before-seen details of Chile’s games and promotion, led by coach Fernando Riera.

Also, people like Juana Barros-Orregowidow of Carlos Dittborn, will talk about the role of the late national football coach and the efforts to bring the World Cup to Chile.

“When the earthquake hit the south, Carlos returned the money he had made available for the World Cup to the government. But he didn’t let the project die and he came up with the idea to sell tickets in advance, a year and a half before the World Cup, to raise funds for the organization,” recalls Barros.

Finally, the widow of Dittborn will come back to the unexpected death of the leader, before the competition: “When he died, I was 7 months pregnant. It gave me strength, I couldn’t lie down to die, I had to move on with the rest of the 6 children I had in my care”.

“Chili 62, a universal celebration”, will be broadcast this Thursday, June 16 at 9:00 p.m. on TNT SPORTS and TNT SPORTS Stadium.

Check out the teaser for “A Universal Party”:

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