What technologies should I look for in my new TV?


With the wide range of TV models out there today, it’s easy to get into uncertainty about what technologies and features it should have to meet, and hopefully exceed, our expectations. From the quality of image and sound to the streaming system you have, it affects the appreciation of our content. For this reason, if you are looking to renew your television and you do not know what guidelines and technologies you must follow to buy it, these tips are for you:

Look for built-in LED lights:

TVs with LED lights are positioning themselves as the new experience for watching content. Built-in LED lights on the back of the TV that cast lights and follow the action of the movie, series or even game you’re watching, with a wide color gamut. There are also LED lights that follow sound and music, making it an entertaining and immersive way to watch concerts and stream your favorite music. Note that this is a light that accompanies the image and goes outside (by projecting itself on the walls) without disturbing the content inside the screen.

The result of this technology is a better view of the chromatic range offered by the content. This system is brought to you by the Philips Ambilight Smart TV with Android TV (7906 line) and the Philips OLED 706 line, thanks to its Ambilight technology that no other brand has managed to replicate. With their smart LEDs, they cast lights in real time, emitting light that surrounds your room. Can you imagine an action game with this technology?

The Android system for browsing your content:

The Android operating system gives you the smartest way to view all content. Thanks to it, you can have a large number of applications, streaming content and games in one place. It lets you customize the screen and use the Google Assistant to find the latest movie hits, find out how a game is going, or even dim the TV lights, all by your voice or with the button on the microphone. Quick and easy.

4K UHD with HDR for a picture closer to reality:

The large 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution is enhanced with HDR (High Dynamic Range or High Dynamic Range). This technology adds a greater dynamic range of light and color, with the aim that the content we see looks much more like a real image. Scenes come to life by finely differentiating shadows and low light, producing a wide range of light spectra and great variation and distinction between colors. More real than looking out the window.

Sound and image with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

If you really want the cinematic experience on your TV, the Dolby label is what you need to find. Dolby Vision brings a refined and realistic picture to another visual level compared to standard televisions. It does this through a new level of color vibrancy that makes every scene more realistic with a wide range of hues and contrasts.

Dolby Atmos is another world of sound, three-dimensional sound that moves through your space and makes the viewer feel like they’re in the middle of the action. You will feel inside the dialogues and scenes of your favorite series and movies and feel the impact of the action with a unique sound force. After trying it, you will notice the difference with a traditional sound.

In conclusion, if what you are looking for is a television that offers a new way of viewing content, thanks to technology that transforms series, films and games into a more engaging and immersive experience, with a more realistic image and a quick and easy operating system to explore all applications, verify that it has these characteristics, and thus, you make sure that you have chosen a good television.


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