Carolina Escobar was moved by an old photo with her father:

The journalist did not speak of emotion in memory of her father, who died when she was 13 years old.

Journalist Carolina Escobar he couldn’t hide his emotion remembering his father in the early morning Hi there on TVN, after showing him a photo with his father who died years ago.

Shortly after talking about the weather this Sunday, Father’s Day, Rafael Venegas, who replaces Gonzalo Ramírez for a few days, wanted to talk about the birthdays who are no longer there.

“Carolina Escobar, this Sunday, or from now on, If you could say anything to your father, what would you say?asked the reporter.

“I would tell you…” Escobar said, pausing visibly affectedly and, a few seconds later, breaks down crying.

“Any, that’s enough”then said the communicator, who reacted by hugging her. This is what they showed a photograph of the journalist, in her first years of life, with her father.

Journalist Carolina Escobar looking at her father's photo, still emotional.
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This photo is a beautiful memoryWhat year was it, how old were you? asked Venegas.

Was three years oldI hadn’t gone through hair or makeup at the time,” he joked, before bursting into tears again.

“This photo realize this beautiful age where dads are everything and we always remember them, whether they are there or not. And that’s the important thing this Sunday,” commented Venegas to comfort his partner.

Thus, Venegas presented his father on television, assuring that he would celebrate this Sunday. Likewise, Iván Torres also dedicated a few words to his father, who died years ago.

“I remember him very well. My dad hasn’t been here for many years.”he spoke to reminisce about anecdotes with him and then changed the subject.

Carolina Escobar and her relationship with her father

In 2021, the journalist spoke with BiobioChile and she remembers the departure of El Toño, her father, when she was 13 years old. “There is no child who is ready to bury his father”he said then.

“It was difficult to accept it. I wondered -without finding an answer- why it had to be my father and not another man. It was very hard, especially for my brothers“, he recalled then.

I missed hours. thousands of hours. I was starting as a teenager. Of course you need it! You need him to be in the milestones of your life, that he would have met his grandchildren. That I would have spent time with my brothers. We all missed it. My grandmother needed to spend more time with her son, my aunts needed to spend more time with their brother.

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