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The actor rose to prominence on the show Venga Conmigo and, despite his multiple appearances in different television series, he is remembered by many for his comedic character.

This Thursday, TVN aired a new episode of The least thought day, a show where paranormal stories that happened in the country are told. Thus, it was presented The scarstory that tells how a man is constantly harassed by a figure who follows him and does not leave him alone.

However, in addition to the reactions to the terrifying chapter, one detail caught the attention of viewers: the participation of Claudio Valenzuela as the father of the protagonist who, in order to help his son, launches an investigation around the strange character.

Valenzuela is known for his work in the 1990s on Canal 13. There he participated in the TV series Out of control Yes To love you. Likewise, it was also part of the extinction Theater at CHV.

Claudio Valenzuela before The least expected day

However, where he is most remembered is for his role as waiter “El Cochiguaz” on the show come with me. the comic character ended up being part of the collective memorywhere different users of social networks realized that Claudio Valenzuela was in The least thought day during his first scenes.

Thus, they did not stop joking about the evolution of “El Cochiguaz”, due to the dark secrecy of the character of Valenzuela.

This is what Claudio Valenzuela looks like today in El Día The Lesser Thought.
Capture DTV

In a conversation with TVN, the interpreter highlighted the work done on the program, assuring that “I met a fantastic group. Everything flowed, I liked the story and I felt very comfortable. C was a wonderful experience”.

“When actors are in a creative act there has to be trust, to feel comfortable and the director allows you that state of trust. I felt very good with my fellow actors and with the teammake-up, camera”, he assured.

Likewise, he pointed out “what I felt as an actor when I developed certain moments. Especially with Pancho (the protagonist Francisco Germain), I have a son of his age, so I associated this bond between father and son with Pancho and It was super nice in the acting job.

Previously, Valenzuela participated in an episode of My fault. Specifically, it happened in 2006, in the chapter of The only way. Among his most recent roles on television, the interpreter participated in the partners (2013), tell me who was (2017), Twins (2019) and 100 days to fall in love (2020).

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