Earthquake: They assure that Mauricio Pinilla has already resigned twice from TVN

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Rumors have been circulating for several days about the bad attitude that Mauricio Pinilla inside TVN, which for many would show that the former footballer went up in smoke for all the success and good comments he received from the channel’s executives.

Now she was the reporter Paula Escobar who gave new details on this conflict, assuring that “Mauricio Pinilla resigned twice from National Television. The executives tried to convince him.”

According to his sources within TVN, Pinilla arrived on the channel with a very good attitude, very second line and generous when it comes to screen sharing. However, over the weeks it would have been changing and becoming somewhat complex.

Paula explained that the reasons for one of her early quits was that “Good Weekend is supposed to go from 10am to a certain time, but it starts at 10am. National TV through her social media says they will advance it, but this via social networks. Mauricio Pinilla is outraged.

Due to this situation, the former footballer reportedly called the executives, “because he doesn’t speak with his editor or producer either, he only takes care of himself at the management level, and he would have says that how was it possible that he was not informed of this, that he is not for this kind of thing. “If they don’t tell me first what’s going to happen with my program, I don’t belong here.”

Escobar even assured that “what they had proposed on the channel to lengthen it (have a good weekend), they didn’t even do it, probably because of Mauricio Pinilla, he didn’t want the morning to be elongated”.

Pinilla’s second resignation from TVN

Another of the incidents had to do with a warning: “Mauricio Pinilla arrives and parks anywhere. He does not see the guard who guides him. They give him a part warning telling him he can’t park there.”

It “would have caused such a scandal that Mauricio Pinilla called the executives back and resigned again. He is still there when they try to call him on the phone”, he revealed. Paula Escobar.

Because of these attitudes, “the Buen Finde team, including Karen Doggenweiler, that I understand is very very close, in fact they tell me that he is like his confidant (…), they would be very surprised by this behavior”.

According to the journalist, “Karen Doggenweiler probably doesn’t want to be attached to this character that much. that he is so linked to certain scandals and that he has this behavior on TVN”, he concluded.

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