Gente de Zona strongly criticized Chile: "It's sad that in a country..."

The duo Gente de Zona have won the affection of the Chilean public with music and charisma, especially since they were judges at the Vina Festival in 2018; their laughs in the comedies and how much fun they had sitting in the front row was one of the funniest qualities of this contest.

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Now the Cubans have returned to our country in a new role, this time with the mission of being a ‘coach’ on the program “The Voice Chile”.

The duo consisting of Randy and Alexander He spoke with the site Page 7 and they told about their experience in the star of Chilevisión and their role as ‘coach’ with the participants of their team.

“We are happy, because even if we come to fulfill a mission, we also pass on our positive energy and our experience as artists,” Alexander told the site.

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In the same, Alexander commented on what caught the attention of the Chilean contestants during the blind auditions:

“We were surprised that being a Spanish-speaking country, most competitors participated with songs in English. It’s unusual because I was also surprised that it was called The Voice and not La Voz,” he said.

In this same context, as mentors of the program, they told their students, “to give some affection to their national music and then to start having affection for international artists”.

Randy, also a member of the Caribbean duo, completed with the following:

“In the blind auditions, of the 200 who showed up, almost 100 sang in English and that’s something incredible, because we’re in Chile and that’s when Hispanic music dominates the world,” he said.

Also, Randy explained that “you have to have talent, the voice first, a voice that communicates, which transmits, which interprets”, he commented.

As for what’s to come in the next stages of “The Voice Chile”, Gente de Zona warned that it will be a complex stage:

“Then there’s a point where the audience decides and it’s a double-edged sword, because the audience can decide by charisma or by a story that people identify with,” he confessed. .

Gente de Zona in The Voice Chile

Gente de Zona’s criticisms of the Chilean industry

The duo made a particular criticism of the Chilean music market and the few opportunities that artists have in the territory. In this they mentioned the following:

“We’ve seen a lot of these kids sing on the subway or on the buses because they don’t have a place to display their music,” Randy commented.

Later, Alexander added that, “It hurts us so much to see that sometimes most of the participants sing in the metro and on the buses. It’s sad that in a beautiful and developed country like Chile, the music industry doesn’t have a place for these guys.”he stated.

In this regard, they warn that this situation could lead “young people to be disappointed and to start emigrating to realize their dreams, to have a country where they could have opportunities to succeed”.

And at the end of the interview, they revealed how much they cried each time an artist leaves the program: “Here we cried even for the participants who are not from our team, because there has too much talent in Chile,” concluded Randy.

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