He resigned twice!  Mauricio Pinilla starred in a new moment of fury on TVN

He resigned twice from National Television. The executives tried to convince him”Paula Escobar reported in her networks.

Mauricio Pinilla.
Mauricio Pinilla.

A new controversy is shaking the face of television, Mauricio Pinilla, who has been constantly accused of believing himself to be the new “divo” of TVN and who has resigned from the state signal more than once after a series of controversies.

Fue the periodista de farándula, Paula Escobar, who revealed and entregó new antecedentes of los escándalos el ex soccer player of the Universidad de Chile Through a live that realized through Instagram, the comunicadora confirmed los intentions del rostro por dejar el “canal of all”.

Mauricio Pinilla resigned twice from National Television. The executives tried to convince him”, reported the journalist of the show on the social network. He later claimed that the first of these attempts was caused by alleged changes that would be made to Buen Finde, a space he runs with Karen Doggenweiler.

-The aforementioned program- is supposed to go from 10am to a certain time, but it starts at 10am. National television through its social networks says that they will take it forward, but that through social networks. That’s when Mauricio Pinilla gets indignant and calls the executives, because he doesn’t talk to his editor or producer either, he only takes care of himself at the executive level, and he would have said that how was- it’s possible that they didn’t inform him of that, that he didn’t It’s for this kind of stuff. “If they don’t tell me first what’s going to happen with my program, I don’t belong here,” underlined the professional.

Of course, and despite the fact that those responsible for the television signal managed to convince him to stay, Escobar indicated that “Mauricio Pinilla has a bad temper on TVN.” “What they had proposed in the chain to extend it -Good weekend-, they are not doing it, probably because of Mauricio Pinilla”, Escobar explained.

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The Divo car park

In addition, the reporter brought up the second time that the ESPN commentator also quit TVN. It all came about, according to his account, after a mess in the chain’s parking lots, where he has no designated position in his name and must occupy whatever is available.

“Mauricio Pinilla arrives and parks anywhere. He does not see the guard to guide him. They give him a reprimand telling him that he cannot park there”, which “would have caused such a scandal, that Mauricio Pinilla recalls the leaders and resigns again It’s still there when they try to call him on the phone“, Reports the companion of Sergio Rojas in Que te lo dice.

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