It is the technological and scientific development behind the success of Huawei watches

For several years, wearables have become one of the best options for monitoring the health of users, thanks to the fact that they are devices worn most of the day. In this sense, Huawei has managed to position itself as one of the most relevant brands on the market, due to its wide variety of devices manufactured for each type of user.

The design of wearables has improved over the years, since they went from being
uncomfortable devices to use, being able to be used even for sleeping and being able to measure the quality of sleep. With their two novelties, the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro Yes HUAWEI WatchFit2, the brand intends to continue to delight Chilean users, in turn motivating them to find the best version of themselves through technology.

Huawei’s recent watches are an example of the deep and dedicated development the company has gone through when manufacturing its wearables. For this reason, today your devices
They stand out for their modern and comfortable designs, which are complemented by an advanced design
technology, which allows us to offer a complete product that provides detailed monitoring of health and sport.

More accurate measurements

Huawei’s advancements in wearable devices have a story behind them that began in
2016 when the brand established the HUAWEI Health Lab in Songshan Lake, China. This place, the cradle of the brand’s developments and research in health and fitness, houses more than 80 types of tests in the field of R&D (Research and Development) in areas such as professional research, the co-development of the ecosystem and the development of health and fitness scenarios, likewise, the research, development and testing of future Huawei wearables are carried out here.

HUAWEI Health Lab it is also where new health measurement technologies and algorithms are improved and created. For example, this is where HUAWEI TruSeen TM 5.0 and its 5.0+ version were developed, the algorithm responsible for significantly improving the accuracy of heart rate and SpO2 measurement. This is just part of the health improvements that make up the new HUAWEI Watch Fit 2 and HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro.

In this sense, HUAWEI TruSeen TM 5.0+ quadruples the data processing capacity, reduces the signal loss rate and improves the accuracy of heart rate monitoring, especially during workouts, which many others market smart watches can’t match.

Another example of what the combination of algorithms and design improvements can achieve in the company’s wearables is evident in the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro and its ECG button.
(electrocardiogram). This function has been implemented in the latest and most advanced watch from
Huawei, thanks to an improved PVD-coated electrode technology that allows
make the signal more accurate and sensitive.

For its part, the HUAWEI Watch Fit 2 embeds HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0, a version prior to the
of the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro, but which offers a large number of advantages for the user. One of them is that it allows you to improve the accuracy of heart rate measurements during workouts, such as HIIT, yoga, aerobics, and jump rope. In addition, thanks to this technology, the watch improves the accuracy of SpO2 tracking. Its innovative multi-optical path attenuation algorithm improves the signal and ensures measurement accuracy under special conditions, including low temperatures and high altitudes.

professional running system

Another great health breakthrough that took years of development is HUAWEI TruSport TM ,
algorithms with which Huawei wearables can accurately collect indicators
generated by the human body during the exercise of a physical activity. Some of the earlier models that included this technology were the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and the HUAWEI GT Runner Watchand now add the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro.

Also, thanks to the development of these algorithms, new tools have been created.
specialized for users looking for more than just common measures of their physical activity. For example, research efforts within the HUAWEI Health Lab have developed the Running Ability Index (RAI) built into HUAWEI TruSport TM , this technology calculates the relationship between heart rate and pace to obtain a personal score.

In addition, with the RAI, specific plans are created for users that allow them to evolve in their performance in a progressive and intelligent way, whether they are expert runners or beginners.

The brand’s two latest novelties in the watch category are now available on the
Huawei Store online store. For more information on the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro,
you can go to, and to check more details about HUAWEI Watch Fit 2, you can go to

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