Jean Philippe Cretton confides in his depression:

The communicator used his social networks to talk about the depression he is facing and deliver a message of empathy to those who are going through the same situation.

The journalist and presenter We can speak, Jean-Philippe Cretonwas honest about the diagnosis of depression from which he suffers through a video uploaded to his Instagram account, where he told everything the difficulties you had to go through because of this condition.

“I made this video for many months, there was something stopping me”began by reporting the communicator, “but there was also something that allowed me to share it and I will pay attention to this second ‘something'”.

“It’s something very difficult to comment on, for multiple reasons, but it’s related to depression (sic) and all the different twists and turns that mental health can have”He continued.

In his account, Cretton said that “This sadness is something that has accompanied me for many years of his life”which he says has become increasingly more complex over timesaid.

Given this, he also said that it is a difficult subject to discuss, this because of the prejudices that surround it and that they produce “fear, dread, dread and apprehension”.

The communicator also revealed that despite his successes and good results at work, depression has affected him when it comes to reacting, because, socially, they are forced to be happy for these achievements.

“It’s costing the whole world, it’s costing me the whole world,” he said. “I find it difficult to pick up the guitar, to be able to play, to make songs. When I make them, the voices and the ghosts start to work saying ‘and why are you going to make a song, if in the end everyone listens to trap and reggaeton, what you do doesn’t shine; no one will listen to these songs and so you start boycott you“, he recounted.

Cretton said this “self-sabotage” also affected his professional career as a communicator, where he also struggled: “It’s quite paradoxical because the program I’m in now has very good results, but it’s very difficult for me, it’s difficult for me to get up, it’s difficult for me to go. , it is difficult for me to speak , I find it difficult to speak”.

“I find it difficult to work, I find it difficult to broadcast programs”confessed the communicator.

In a text written next to the video, Jean Philippe Cretton specifies that it is “A message that I hope will help. It shows that it is always good to talk”to which he added that he aimed to generate empathy in those who are in the same position.

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