LEGO joins the celebration of Father's Day

Based on the wonders of the world, the magic of cinema, space missions, sports cars or architectural masterpieces, the Danish brand offers multiple options to celebrate this day.

As part of Father’s Day, which is celebrated this Sunday, a great alternative to celebrate dads are the different sets with which LEGO® has been surprising fans of all ages for 90 years.

For this reason, and to entertain parents, the Danish brand offers multiple options for this day, which can be found in the special section created on its “Build Moments with Dad” website, where you can choose from more than 50 products. presented.

nut fanatics

Parents will enjoy an immersive building experience with the LEGO® Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115) set. This highly detailed model kit is a faithful representation of the original Sián FKP 37 in its striking lime green with gold rims. Its realistic features include an eight-speed transmission activated by the moving shifter, a V12 engine with moving pistons and all-wheel drive. You can even use the steering wheel to position the car and then check the front and rear suspension. This model, like the real supercar, has the classic scissor doors.

Presented in elegant exclusive packaging, this set is an impressive centerpiece to admire and enjoy. In addition, as part of Father’s Day it will be with a 20 % discount.

Meanwhile, for LEGO® and motorcycle fans, the company also offers the new set of the model BMW M1000RR (42130)which results from a partnership between LEGO Technic and BMW Motorrad, to imitate the details of the first two-wheeled representative of the M sports family as much as possible.

This product has a three-speed gearbox, a suspension and a four-piston engine, a front steering, a colorful golden transmission chain and the 4-piston inline engine. Also, it includes three different screens to decorate the control panel, a stand, and the highlight is that the building process for the LEGO model is the same as BMW’s for this full-scale motorcycle, starting with the engine.

Star Wars fans

For parents who love Star Wars, they can pay homage to the Dark Lord of the Sith with the Collector’s Set. LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Vader Helmet (75304). A special gift idea that will allow you to relive the classic scenes of one of the central characters of the famous saga of director George Lucas.

The Darth Vader Helmet comes complete with a decorative plaque base to create an impressive display piece that will enhance the decor of your home or workplace. The set is part of a series of buildable and displayable LEGO® Star Wars™ helmet models, including the 75305 Scout Trooper Helmet.

Plus, it’s available to display the galaxy’s most famous spacecraft. With more than 7500 parts the Millennium Falcon™ set (75257) becomes one of the greatest LEGO models ever created and a challenging build, filled with authentic details. Build is a replica of Han Solo’s unforgettable Millennium Falcon, with four upper and lower laser cannons, seven landing legs, lowering boarding ramp, sensors and a four-minifigure cockpit with removable canopy .

The crew that makes up this spaceship is made up of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO and includes some of the crew from Episode VII/VIII: former Han Solo, Rey and Fi. Plus, the set includes a buildable BB-8 droid, two Porgs and a Mynock.

The more than 50 products designed for Father’s Day are available in LEGO stores and on its website

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