Memo Bunke comments on the complex illness that afflicts him:

The comedian assured through a video that he suffered from pulmonary fibrosis and that he did not know “if he can continue to work in the construction industry”.

Comedian Memo Bunke took to his social media to chronicle a complex new family moment, after has been diagnosed with muscle fibrosis. The comedian told his diagnosis through a video, where with a bitter smile, he recalled other moments he had to deal with.

“Guys They know my wife has an aneurysm, with whom he learned to live, (they also know) the girl who was in intensive care: the baby is well born, everything is fine, but sometimes bad things happen, ”he started by saying.

“Now it was my turn: I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis”revealed.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pulmonary fibrosis is a disease where the lungs are damaged, so scars are created. These end up being much thicker than the rest of the lung tissue, so it becomes more and more difficult to breathe.

This disease can cause symptoms such as difficulty breathingdry cough, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, muscle and joint pain, enlargement and rounding of fingertips or toes.

Memo Bunke’s reaction to his illness

However, the comedian was not shocked by the diagnosis, assuring that from now on “we will have to work hard” to be able to improve his state of health.

“I’ve always seen the positive side, so I quit smoking for at least a week”Bunke said in the video.

It is in this that he assured that although he was “eager to smoke”, he had sufficient reasons to quit smoking: “I’m no longer afraid of dying that you want to smoke”.

He also assured that “I have to do a lot of exams, so we won’t have to work hard anymore”. “You know the downside for artists is not so good, I don’t know if I can continue to work in construction”he lamented.

However, Bunke remained positive, assuring that “We’re going to get out of there, we have to go back up”.

In May of this year, the comedian revealed the complicated moment his family was going through after the arrival of his grandson. And it is that, despite the happy news, the mother of the newborn He ended up suffering from a series of medical complications.

In February of this year, Memo Bunke took part in the program Blankets 2, where he paid tribute to singer Raphael and Silvio Rodríguez. So he mentioned that he devoted himself to construction due to the lack of shows due to the pandemic.

“Today, I put in ceramics, porcelain, floating floors, paint, roofing, whatever they ask for,” he said on the show.

Throughout his career, Memo Bunke It has been presented four times at the Viña del Mar Festival, being his last presentation in the 2013 edition.

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