No more 'dancing goalies': IFAB changes penalty shootout rules after Australia's Redmayne show against Peru

The performance of the Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne In the penalty shootout against Peru, for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers, he did not go unnoticed. The goalkeeper’s “dances” before each rival shot generated a wave of reactions, endorsing or questioning the technique he used to try to distract the Incas. Finally, the bet is won because saved the last blow of the series, to Alex Valera, and allowed the classification to the Footballoos.

The fact is that Redmayne’s performance also allowed the penalty regulations to undergo modifications, seeking to avoid repeating situations like those that occurred last Monday, during the playoffs between Conmebol and AFC.

Doha received the 136th General Assembly of the International Football Association Board (IFAB)the body that governs the rules of football. The entity has decided to make a change in the regulations, to limit the role of goalkeepers who want to do actions like Redmayne or others. The modification has already been approved by FIFA and will start to be implemented from July 1.

What is? Rule 14 of the changes for the 2022-23 season concerns the position of the goalkeeper in the penalty. The new rule states that Now goalkeepers must have both feet on the goal line when running from the penalty spot. It is for during the regular time of a game or to define sets and you will not be able to move forward as before, being able to place a foot on the line.

“Previously, the goalkeeper had to have at least part of a foot touching or stepping on the goal line at the time a penalty kick was taken. Therefore, in the event the goalkeeper had one foot in front of the line goal and the other foot behind, this was considered a technical infraction even if no improper advantage was gained. The text has been reworded so as not to penalize said position,” reads the text of rule changes 2022-23. of the IFAB.

“To explain this modification, it is pointed out that the spirit of the rule requires the goalkeeper to position both feet in direct contact with the goal line or directly above it until the penalty maximum is drawn; In other words, the goalkeeper cannot be placed in front or behind the goal line. judgement.

Until June 30, goalkeepers will be able to keep one foot on the line and the other forward. Then they have to adapt to the new regulations.

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