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“Once in the south, when I was young and sporty, I met one… And I disappeared. I fell on the ground,” Elisa Zulueta said of her chicken phobia.

The actress, figure in television series such as Socias and Dama y Obrero, and also a playwright, told the story in an episode of the late Pero con Respeto broadcast in mid-May on Chilevisión.

This was the conversation:

Julio Cesar Rodríguez: “Do you have a phobia of chickens?”

Elizabeth Zulueta: “To the chickens”

Rodríguez: “Sorry, you said chicken and not chicken… what difference does that make?” Is it like a differentiation in the phobia? »

Zulueta: “Yes, because… It makes me nervous to talk about it.” I’m telling you seriously. The face of the girl does not have the characteristics of the other lady. The other lady’s eyes scare me”

Rodríguez: ” Ridge ?

Zulueta: “All that. And the legs. But it gives me… Do you know how I found out? Because we in town are not used to chickens. And I was jogging once in the south, when I I was sporty and young, and I came across one of them.”

Rodríguez: “You Don’t Name Them”

Zulueta: “I met her”

Rodríguez: “The phobia is resounding, you don’t name them”

Zulueta: “The chickens. I can name them. And I passed out. I fell to the ground”

Rodríguez: “Why did he look at you?”

Zulueta: “Yeah. And then more came and I was like… And then I ran, but at a speed… I ran I don’t know how much. Six kilometres. It was heavy”

Rodríguez: “Do you eat chicken?”

Zulueta: “No. Are you crazy? No. It makes me nervous.

Rodríguez: “You don’t eat meat?”

Zulueta: ” I never ate. Not even when girl

Rodríguez: “You have been a vegetarian since childhood”

Zulueta: “I told my mother that I wanted to thank her, especially since she didn’t force me, because I really couldn’t eat meat.

“Once my mother ran through the furniture in the living room and found pure meatballs which I ate, my mother turned around and threw them away. And suddenly found like a real city.

“And really for Mother’s Day, I thanked her, I said ‘thank you for not insisting on something that was clearly very traumatic for me.’ And those were the days of Dr. Monckeberg and obesity in Chile, and milk, dairy, meat, you had to eat well.

“And my mom tells me she’s not very aware of what she did, but she wasn’t going to insist on something that wasn’t working. And since then, I’ve never eaten any meat. I’m worried, I put my B12, vitamins, Neurobionta, all that”.

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