The work The lover fascist written by playwright Alejandro Moreno returns to the stage three years after its last presentation, these June 17 and 18 at the Teatro Biobío in its original version, which will also have local connotations. Created in 2010, the piece It quickly and deeply penetrated the critics and the public, both for the dramaturgy and direction of Víctor Carrasco and for the performance of Paulina Urrutia.

Actress Paulina Urrutia, winner of the 2011 Altazor Prize for the fascist mistresswill perform in the performances in Concepción, with Aukanaw Campos and Renata Lira, actors from the Biobío region selected from a local call.

the fascist mistress It is a classic of contemporary Chilean theater, the space and imagination built with this work won the 2010 version of the Dramaturgy Showcase, which is a program of the National Council of Cultures and Arts of the time , in 2010, this work is already selected as one of the best creative works of this year”, Paulina Urrutia commented to The counter.

The play tells the story of Iris Rojas, wife of an army captain who is abroad and lover of a dictator.

Actress Paulina Urrutia in “The Fascist Lover”.

“The truth is that it is a very remarkable work both in its dramaturgy and in its direction, it embodies the darkest moments of the dictatorship in our country and it does so through very characteristic characters, very personal, as if they synthesize what more abominable than dictatorship, abuse of power, discrimination, impudence, going above others, having a hegemonic vision and sole possessor of truth. So I think what what is happening with this work is that in a very Chilean way, with a lot of humor, with a very contemporary scenic coarseness, revisits in a different way those issues that have been so encapsulated in political theater,” said the actress.

Urrutia also expressed that it’s exciting to stage the play again, “it gives it a new shine,” he said.

“It’s very exciting that the work doesn’t die, it doesn’t usually happen in the theater, because it’s edited, it has a season, it can last a few years, but normally these works are left to other actors and other directors to trace them back to other times in our history,” he said.

Alejandro Moreno’s award-winning play ‘The Fascist Lover’ opens a new season of performances at Teatro Biobío with the original direction and staging by Víctor Carrasco, who directed the play’s 2010 debut. this interview with El Mostrador, Paulina Urrutia, one of the actresses, comments on the importance of this work for contemporary Chilean theater due to the quality of the drama, the direction and the political context it has. “I think what happens with this work is that in a very Chilean way, with a lot of humor, with a very contemporary stage rudeness, it revisits those themes that have been so encapsulated in the political theater of ‘a different way,’ says the actress.

Hopes at the Ministry of Cultures

Paulina Urrutia, in addition to being an actress, was also Minister-President of the National Council for Culture and the Arts at the time under the first government of Michelle Bachelet between 2006 and 2010. In this sense, she expressed that she felt “a lot of hope and a lot of confidence” in the Ministry of Arts, Cultures, Arts and Heritage of the current Government.

He also added that he hopes that in the next four years “the cultural institutions will be consolidated, that they will not only obtain more funds but also strategies for development and consolidation of the country’s cultural development”.

“I hope they take advantage of everything that has been developed and that obviously the cultural world is seen as a contribution to the social development of a country and a clear and pure contribution to education”, concluded the actress.

The functions of the fascist mistress They will take place on June 17 and 18 in the main hall of the Biobío theater. Tickets from $3,000, on sale at Teatro Biobío and

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