Tell me what dad you have and I'll tell you what Samsung screen to surprise him with

Samsung has a broad portfolio of smart TVs that fit every dad’s personality

From our first steps, to these important moments in our lives, Dad was attentive to give us advice, accompany us and give us his love.

Father’s Day is a date that allows us to celebrate him, to make him feel special, to remind him how much we love him and to reward his dedication and efforts. On this date we can surprise you with a gift that allows you to enjoy your favorite plans at home.

Samsung offers a portfolio of displays that, whatever Dad’s favorite plans, will meet his entertainment needs, with the best picture and sound quality; he therefore presents a series of recommendations for the ideal television for dad according to his lifestyle and tastes:

Always at the forefront

Without a doubt, Dad’s time is limited between meetings, calls and being at home; For this reason, it is important to have a screen that offers you technological functions that allow you to work from home, but at the same time enjoy with your family. With Dad Neo QLED 8K, in addition to enjoying streaming video platforms such as Netflix, you will be able to attend high quality videoconferences with up to 32 participants simultaneously, split the screen into up to 4 independent images for Don’t interrupt the movie family and follow your favorite games while checking your networks.

Neo QLED 8K also delivers lifelike brightness and hue, powerful sound that incorporates quad speakers that follow the motion of scenes to make people at home feel like they’re in an action scene.

If video games are your passion

Now, the taste for video games is more than generational, since they are no longer reserved for young people. A game session is a privileged moment to share and strengthen the father-son relationship, taking advantage of the emotion of the games. With Neo QLED screens, Dad will be able to feel the speed of cars, thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate allowing him to experience some of the emotion with its bright, vibrant colors.

Lover of art and personalization

His personality reflects a passion for technology and innovation. If for him, enjoying his favorite content on television at all times is a plan, but at the same time, he makes sure that it does not detract from the aesthetics of the house; The best option is The Frame, a screen where you can live the passion of your favorite sport with the best image quality thanks to QLED technology and in addition you can enjoy more than 1,600 works by the most recognized artists and artists. most important in the history of art, which you can modify as many times as you wish. In addition, this screen will go unnoticed with the different frame options or the different forms of installation that it allows.

Get out of town to enjoy the adventure

For dads who like to get out of town camping and like to take easy-to-carry technology with them to complete the adventure, Samsung recently introduced The Freestyle, the first portable smart TV that integrates video entertainment platforms into continuous and which, moreover, can be used anywhere thanks to the inclusion of an external battery. The Freestyle projects an image up to 100″ on flat surfaces and no matter where you want to project the image – front, side or ceiling – the image will automatically adapt, delivering the best high quality image. resolution.

It’s worth noting that The Freestyle incorporates a 5-watt 360-degree audio system that delivers immersive audio wherever you sit.

Live the emotions on the big screen

And now that we know that we can turn the house into a large cinema room to enjoy a film, series or other type of content, The Premiere is the ideal device for parents who love the great entertainment. All you have to do is create a space in your home so that dad can enjoy the latest cinema releases or the season of your favorite series. The Premiere also integrates the Smart platform to download apps like Disney, Netflix or HBO+, among others.

The sound transports you

For parents who can’t design entertainment without amplifying the sound, we recommend the Samsung Q Series soundbars, being the perfect combo with a screen. Unlike other brands, Samsung’s audio and video ecosystem allows both devices to work together to deliver a more complete sound experience. With Q-Symphony technology, immersive sound is created by mixing and optimizing sound from the soundbar and TV speakers at the same time. In addition, the wireless connection avoids complex connections and functions.

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