The Uruguayan who played with a Madrid star and who shines today in Chile

Agustín Nadruz (25) answered the call from AS Chile and was happy from the start. The Uruguayan midfielder is very happy with his level at Curicó Unido, where it took him less than a year to win the affection of the people. With three goals, the central midfielder enjoyed his best half as a professional.

“It was a good first wheel, it was what we aspired to as a team. Maybe outside you think Curicó will be in the lower positions, but when the team gets was formed and we started to get to know each other, we realized that we had very good players. That was then reflected on the pitch,” he said. Nadruz in talks with AS Chile.

– This is the second most scoring team in the tournament and the fourth with the fewest goals conceded. How did they get there?

– The idea of ​​Damian (Muñoz) and his team of coaches is this: to go ahead in all matches. Maybe we made the difference in goals at home because the teams respect us and defend more, but we have very decisive and powerful players in attack. In defence, the coaching staff also places a lot of emphasis on training, so we have improved a lot in that area.

– Last year they fought on the bottom and today they are fighting on the top. What has changed in such a short time?

– I was supposed to arrive in September and I suffered a lot, because it’s ugly to play with the pressure of the shallows. Fortunately, we were able to get out of it. I think what has changed this year is the proposal. A significant investment was made by the leadership and this was reflected.

– In his case, he lives the most significant moment of his career…

– Yes! Because of the position I play in, I’m not the type to score so many goals, but I really like getting the opponent’s goal. This year I’ve scored three goals from set pieces and a lot of that is down to the fact that we have some very good players. My teammates annoy me a bit because of my goalscoring side (laughs). Even at school, he didn’t score so many goals (laughs).

– Do you feel loved by the fans?

– Totally. And I think that’s essential too. You realize how much people identify with the club, it makes you feel like you’re playing with just another player. The city wants the institution to go well and that reassures the player.

– Do you think this is the best moment of your career?

– Yes, although I had a good time in Uruguay, I am very comfortable in the club and in the city. This means that one can perform on the pitch.

The days with Federico Valverde, the new star of Real Madrid

On May 28, Real Madrid won their 14th Champions League after beating Liverpool 1-0 in Paris. In the 86th minute of this match, a unique moment was experienced for Federico Valverde. The Uruguayan was applauded by the madridistas, who chanted his name until nausea. Agustín Nadruz knows him well. He played with him in the bottom Penarolfrom where he already promised to be the star he is today.

I played with ‘Fede’ when he was about to be sold to Real Madrid. I was in Peñarol’s reserve and when he didn’t have a chance in the first team, he came to play with us. I had to share the pitch with him several times and the truth is that it is not necessary to describe his qualities as a footballer, because It was already different, as a player and as a personNadruz commented, remembering the midfielder.

– What do you remember from this stage?

– You saw him play and it was something else. You realized it was going to be world class.

– What made you think that at the time?

– He had technical virtues and he further improved them over time. He had an exquisite punch, he surprised us all. I remember Diego Forlán was in the first team and he was also surprised to see him kicking. His physique has improved a lot. He used to be skinny and now you see him and he’s a bull (he laughs). He runs a lot, he has enormous strength and that was given to him by the European world.

– And what was his personality?

– A shy and reserved boy. I was not friends with him, but we shared several moments. He is a very humble boy, a very good person.

– An anecdote ?

– I remember how he hit the ball. He made everything very simple! You realized it was different. Sometimes I would jog effortlessly and pass everyone as if nothing had happened (laughs). They all run like crazy and he, at half speed, leaves them behind. As if nothing!

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