They file a restraining order against Ezra Miller for allegedly harassing a child under 12

They add up and continue the controversies against actor Ezra Miller. First there were the various complaints brought against him for physical attacks on Hawaiians, to which was added the accusation of the parents of a minor under the age of 18 who claimed that Miller had kidnapped her in addition to give him drugs.

To this list of problems with the law is added the restraining order issued by a Massachusetts judge against the actor and in favor of the protection of a minor under the age of 12, who would have been the victim of inappropriate behavior on Miller’s part.

From what the media say the DailyBeast, The event in question happened on February 2 of this year, at a neighbor of the parents of the minor who forms a group with a close friend of the actor, which is why he was there.

According to the testimonies of the minor’s mother and the neighbor present, it all started when the woman commented that “she had made a trip with her tribe”, remarks that disturbed the actor who accused her of cultural appropriation. After that, Miller was again annoyed by another comment alluding to the Rastafarian race, which began to escalate into violence as the actor shouted and began to threaten the owner of the house, showing him a gun he had in his jacket, “talk this way, it can get you in serious trouble,” Miller threatened.

Origin of the complaint

After the discussion, the inappropriate behavior of the actor allegedly began, which began to focus all his attention on the minor who was 11 years old at the time. “I talked a lot with your son, and he has a lot of power. At some point you will realize that you have no control over him, that he is an elevated being, and that he would have lucky to have someone like me to guide him,” Miller reportedly told the miner’s mother.

Other behaviors are added to this, as when the actor would have started to constantly incense the minor, bringing his chair closer to his and trying to convince him to follow him on Instagram. “It was very uncomfortable, I was very nervous, I was scared to be around him, especially after he yelled at my mum and she started crying,” the minor said.

Although the minor’s mother clarified that after this behavior the actor apologized, she also said that Miller continued to visit and harass the family, times when he allegedly hugged the minor inappropriately and even allegedly suggested that he could buy some horses to go and tend to him. them on his farm.

Miller is currently missing along with 18-year-old Takata, who his parents are searching for via social media, after reports that Miller has him with him against his will.

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