Turkish actor Can Yaman has an awkward moment with the press at a Disney event: his fans react

The Turkish actor came from Italy for the launch of the Disney+ streaming platform in Turkey. However, the awkward moment he had with the local press did not please his fans on social media, who quickly spoke up.

The actor Can YamanTurkish soap opera protagonist I dream of you broadcast by TVN, experienced a moment of discomfort with the press of his country during the launch of the Disney + platform in Türkiye (Turkey).

The incident happened amid an event hosted by the streaming service on June 14 in Istanbul. Various Turkish celebrities took part, who marched on the “blue carpet” while being interviewed by local media.

However, when Can Yaman appeared on set, reporters working on location quickly lowered their cameras and microphones so as not to speak to the actor.

The surprising episode did not go unnoticed by the interpreter, who came from Italy to attend the launch, nor by the other guests present at the time.

According to the Sensacine portal, one of the Turkish journalists present told his colleagues to “lower the cameras” as soon as the actor entered the scene. However, some Turkish media claim that the performer himself asked not to give interviews at the event.

Quickly, the awkward moment became known on social media, where videos began circulating in which the action of the reporters was evident. The actor has even become a trend on Twitter.

Yaman’s fans reacted with annoyance on digital platforms and called the fact a rude and impolite act by journalists towards the TV star.

Video and social media reactions

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