Catholic University references land Dante Poli with the idea that the return of Mauricio Isla is the best in recent years

Catholic University references land Dante Poli with the idea that the return of Mauricio Isla is the best in recent years


Jorge Aravena and Miguel Ángel Neira, who wore the Crusader jersey, spoke to Redgol, where they insisted that it is not the best thing that has happened to Chilean football in recent years, as pointed out Dante Poli. In this sense, the figures of Iván Zamorano or Marcelo Salas stand out, although they specify that they did not play as everyone expected.

© Agency OneFormer UC players say Isla’s return doesn’t guarantee success.

The arrival of MAURITIUS ISLAND as a reinforcement catholic university in the pass market, it’s giving that talks. So much so that some classify it as the best incorporation in years of Chilean football.

That’s how he hinted Dante Polyformer player and ESPN commentator, who insisted that the arrival of the Huaso is the most important in recent years.

“I think the arrival of Mauricio Isla is the most important comeback in Chilean football in the last twenty years,” Poli commented on ESPN’s F90.

A sentence that was not shared by the national football world, which for example remembered the return of Iván Zamorano or Marcelo Salas.

In this sense, Jorge Aravanea assures, in a conversation with Redgol, that Poli is wrong, despite the quality of a player like Isla.

“It’s a very good contract for this season. Obviously Dante Poli was wrong. Mauricio is a great player, I’ve known him since he was 15. I had him in the U17 team years. He returns home, because he studied at the Catholic University, but he never played for the club. He could not play as a professional, “he began by explaining.

“Dante was wrong, there have been top footballers who have been abroad for a long time and come back and you have to be respectful of everyone,” Mortero said.

badly spent money

For Miguel Ángel Neira, the former UC defender is also wrong in his statements, where he assures that others have returned with much more play.

“Dante Poli, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I saw him once and he fights with everyone. What he says has no validity. There are better players quality who returned to Chile. Zamorano and Salas are far better than him”, specifies in Redgol.

For the same reason, he also analyzes what Huaso can do in the Catholic University campaign, where he assures that other positions have been called upon to be strengthened.

“Besides, it’s a team, if I was the Catholic, I wouldn’t contract on a team. Spending so much money on a team influences so little and almost nothing in a team. You could buy better players , but what is a team going to do?” picture.

Although some have already started talking about a team full of stars, with the arrival of Isla and Matías Dituro, in addition to the eventual César Pinares, for Neira it is far from being a great team.

“No, it’s not that bad. Most of the players coming back, the results haven’t been good, so I wouldn’t be so sure what Pinares and Isla are going to play. It’s been shown that when Zamorano came back, he was not who he was in Europe, the same as Marcelo Salas, ”he concludes.

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