Ezra Miller has become a problem for Warner Bros.. As soon as the pandemic begins, the actor has involucrado in a series of controversies, including agresiones a fanáticas en Islandia, par detenciones en bares de Hawaii and inclusive actions judiciales en su contra por la cercana relación que maintiene con una joven nativa American. Moreover, the last icing on the cake was a report which assured that the actor is not found and that the Court was not able to inform him of the new charges brought against him.

In this scenario, the directors of the new Warner Discovery conglomerate would already be evaluating what to do with The Flash, which is already fully filmed and slated for a theatrical release sometime in 2020.

But according to the Deadline portal, although the production will eventually reach the big screen, and not be relegated to HBO Max following the controversies, the actor’s future as Barry Allen has his days numbered.

“Sources say that while no other charges surface, Studio likely won’t keep Miller as Flash in future DC movies. That would mean replacing it in the future, but there’s still a $200 million investment at stake with the first film and Warner Bros executives must be embarrassed with every new press report.

The Flash movie is seen as the starting point for new plans for the DC Universe on film, as Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav aims to bring the DC Universe to a place of success like the one that already has the MCU. “The studio has all the ingredients to make a first move on The Flash, including the return of Michael Keaton as Batman with a Ben Affleck cover, a $200 million budget and a hot director in Andy Muschietti, who delivered the blockbuster It for the study, ”they tell Deadline.

“The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery exercised his well-known penchant for micromanagement by refusing to greenlight a Wonder Twins movie because it was too specialized. Zaslav will soon have to make a decision on what to do with the whole image that is The Flash, and what to do with a young actor who seems to be in serious trouble offstage.”

Deadline’s sources also added that the studio is trying to “get some help for Miller,” but new press articles continue to pile in and the social media backlash against the actor is increasingly negative. .

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