Felipe Bianchi admitted that he regretted having spoken ill of Cecilia Bolocco:

On the talk show, the reporter admitted to regretting the treatment he gave the model during his time at Caiga Quien Caiga, the same reason he apologized to her.

In the latest chapter of Podemos Hablar, journalist Felipe Bianchi came clean after admitting that sorry for having spoken ill of Cecilia Bolocco when i was driving The one who fails.

The talk show guests, the lawyer Carmen Gloria Arroyothe Deputy Karol Cariolathe Former Metropolitan Area Mayor Karla Rubilar and the journalists Marcelo Comparini and Felipe Bianchi responded and recounted their experiences in the dynamics “meeting point” when the last one confessed that he was regretted speaking negatively about Miss Universe.

“Bring forward to the meeting point those who have publicly regretted having said ill or hurt someone,” asked the host of the space, Jean Philippe Cretton.

It was then that Bianchi stood up and recounted his experience:“Something amazing happened to me, back in the days of CQC, which was a show where it was all about pissing everyone off”he explained.

They had to cover when the model was embroiled in various rumors and controversies with her ex-husband, Carlos Menen, and even when she was reunited with Luciano Marocchino.

“There were many years when, deep down, Cecilia Bolocco was constantly being hit almost like a punching bag”characterized the reporter on the occasions when they were talking about the woman on the show.

“Also, there is an ideological thing, I do not regret it. I never really understood why, being Menem’s wife, she never sought herself out, if it had to do with all the bad things she was doing.”said Bianchi on why he always brought up this topic at the CQC.

After that, he said that with the passage of years his sons, Manuel and Máximo, proved to be best friends, to the point of sharing a room during the study trip they recently made to the United States. He was on this occasion that the two met for the first time, since these controversies that already date back more than a decade.

“I went to leave him (on a trip), and Cecilia was there,” he began by explaining. “I was really hoping to have a cross with her […] I was pretty bad class at one point and I approached her and said ‘Cecilia, I need to talk to you'”he said.

“I did too much and I regret it very much”he reportedly told Miss Universe, who gave him a striking response: “You don’t know how serious it was, but I appreciate the gesture”.

Afterward, the reporter admitted he felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders by the model’s response.

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