Gala Caldirola finally showed up with the love of her life

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Caldirola Gala became one of the most media figures in Chile. After her marriage to footballer Mauricio Isla, the Spanish model attracted the attention of the press and television channels, which since then have not stopped calling her to participate in entertainment programs.

The famous Caldirola Gala makes a living in the country’s media, which has boosted his name and image despite the fact that he is no longer in a relationship with “Huaso” Isla. Since the duo decided to separate, each has started to rebuild their lives from scratch, but without ceasing to open their arms to love.

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Last year, Caldirola Gala He began an affair with dancer Iván Cabrera, which didn’t end up working out. Each having taken different directions, the famous has decided to focus exclusively on her professional projects and her role as a mother, which she does perfectly.

At least that’s what he showed through digital platforms. Despite so many mistakes on the sentimental level, Caldirola Gala finally confirmed who the true love of his life is: his daughter Luz Elif. Through an Instagram story, mother and daughter were smiling and attached. “My life”the Spaniard captioned the image that won over her community and reveals who the person really has their hearts busy.

Gala Caldirola and Luz Elif. Source: (Gala Caldirola’s Instagram).

Separated but not distant

Caldirola Gala and Mauricio Isla have decided to separate early 2021 after two years of their marriage in Altea, Spain. In May last year, the Spanish model confirmed that together with the footballer, they had made the decision to take different paths for the well-being of their common daughter, Luz Elif.

Gala and Mauricio lived separate lives, but without losing touch with the education of their little girl.

Through an Instagram post, Caldirola Gala monopolized all the attention after spreading what was already rumored in the press about his relationship with Mauricio Isla. “With the same love that one day we decided to start a journey together as a couple, today we decided to take a break from our romance without losing the love we still have for each other” , he said at the time without giving reasons, but specifying that there was “no resentment between us”.

Gala Caldirola and Mauricio Isla. Source: (Google).

Since then, Gala and Mauricio lead separate lives, but without losing contact for the education of their little girl, now 4 years old. They said it several times and posted it on social media, where they made it clear that they were estranged but fairly united parents.

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