'I was a bad class': Felipe Biachi confesses he regretted speaking ill of Cecilia Bolocco

In We can speakFelipe Bianchi has revealed he apologized to Cecilia Bolocco after constantly criticizing her on the extinguished program The one who fails (CQC).

This Friday evening, the new chapter of the space hosted by Jean Philippe Cretton was broadcast, the journalist accompanied by Karla Rubilar, Carmen Gloria Arroyo, Karol Cariola and Marcelo Comparini were the guests.

The conversation about the former Miss Universe began after Cretton asked those in attendance to stand up who publicly regretted speaking ill of someone, so Bianchi stood up.

“Like a Punching Bag”

“Something incredible happened to me when I CCQ that it was a program that also tried to make everyone poor,” he recalls at the start.

After that, she pointed out that in the first step they had to cover the controversies in which the model was involved, some related to her ex-husband Carlos Menem and also to the rumors with Luciano Marocchino.

“There were many years when deep down we constantly hit Cecilia Bolocco almost like a punching bag,” Bianchi confessed.

In the same vein, he admitted that he was, in particular, for an ideological reason. ” I do not regret it. I never really understood why, being Menem’s wife, she was never wanted, if it had to do with all the bad things she did and all the money lost,” he said. she acknowledged.

He also made her realize that when she won Miss Universe, she partnered with dictator Augusto Pinochet. “Cecilia Bolocco accused me, in this sense,” he added.

Cecile Boloco.
Cecile Boloco.

“I did too much”

With the passage of time and the turns of life, Bianchi revealed that his son Manuel is a close friend of Máximo Menem, they are classmates. During a study trip recently, the young people decided to share a room. When the students left for the United States, it was when Biachi saw Cecilia from afar.

“We went to leave them all (from the trip) and Cecilia was there,” he explained, assuring that he did not know whether to approach first.

He also acknowledged that “I was a bad class at one point and I approached her and said ‘Cecilia, I need to talk to you'”.

At that time, the journalist confessed to Bolocco that “I wanted to talk to you for a long time, I wanted to apologize, because the truth is that, although there are some things I still think about, I have exceeded my limits and I regret it very much.”

“‘You don’t know how serious it was, you actually made a bag for me (…) so thank you for the gesture'”, replied the former Miss Universe.

Finally, they hugged, closing the topic. Bianchi confessed that after that he felt like a weight had been lifted from him.

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