«Trabajé harto en la tele, le dediqué hartos años de mi vida, y la disfruté, la conocí, la viví, y me gustaría vivir otras cosas también…», reflexiona Savka Pollak

Author: Glamorama Team / June 18, 2022

“I love television. I pololeo with such television, I go to Pasapalabra. But today what I see most is politics,” said Savka Pollak.

The 48-year-old artist and panelist rose to prominence on classic ’90s shows like La Red’s El Club de Amigos and Video Loco.

In 2021, she was a candidate for two political terms, without being elected, and she continues on this path.

A few weeks ago, Pollak detailed his featured work in an interview on the TiempoX website. This was part of the conversation:

Mauricio Neirajournalist of the site quoted: “You do not see yourself on television in a stable way”

Pollak: “No. Unless it was a social program or something. There are social programs, I like the social part. Now I’m basically a communicator. Like moderating a panel, for example”

Neira: “And a political program, for example?

Pollak: “Yes too. Super interesting”

Neira: “I mean, you don’t close the door on TV”

Pollak: “No. But I feel like I’ve worked a lot on TV, I’ve dedicated many years of my life to it, and I liked it, I met it, I lived it, and I would like to experience other things too”

Neira: “Is there anything you missed doing on TV? »

Pollak: “There are always some”

Neira: “But, for example, you said no to the Viña Festival when you were 23”

Pollak: “Yes. And I said no in the morning at the best time. I made a lot of decisions like that.”

Neira: “But you don’t regret it?

Pollak: “No. Maybe from the Viña Festival yes, because I thought it was an opportunity to be… I said ‘maybe later’, because it was a change of inconvenience. He A lot of things happened to me at that time. The path I followed was ultimately the right one.”

Neira: “You thought they were going to come back with the Viña Festival and it didn’t happen”

Pollak: “Yes, it happened afterwards. There were still offers. Later I was a jury for the Festival, I experienced the Festival from the inside. I didn’t miss anything. I met great artists.

“During my time on TV, I always say to my friends and tell them ‘TV gives you something that even if you’re the richest person, you can’t do it’.

“For example, we recorded a vacation program and went to Laguna San Rafael. Nobody can climb on a block of ice and I stood on a block of ice while they were recording.

“When I was on this block of ice, looking at the eternal ice behind, I said ‘how lucky I am. How many people can say that they are standing in this wonder, in this silence, in this vastness, where I am right now?

“And so I had to interview extremely interesting people. I got to know places, different realities, that maybe in other jobs you don’t have the possibility. I got to know a lot of places throughout Chile, many realities that I might not have known”.

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