Author: Glamorama Team / June 18, 2022

“It’s terrible that they are accusing you wrongly,” said Pablo Mackenna, referring to the situation he experienced in 2013.

In March of that year, the communicator was unfairly accused of allegedly abusing a minor in the Viña del Mar casino. The girl’s mother, María Soledad Fuentes, falsely denounced the former CQC. After a month of formalization, the writer was dismissed by the Court of Guarantee of the City-Garden.

A few days ago, in a chapter of Podemos Hablar, Mackenna recalled the case as part of his comments on the case of Nicolás López, a director sentenced to five years in prison for sexual abuse.

These are the words of the writer in the star of Chilevisión:

“To me, the issue seems super sensitive and you have to be careful with due process and the presumption of innocence.

“I believe that Nicolás López was condemned a priori, by virtue of a premise that had been circulating for a long time according to which, for the simple fact of having a complaint from a woman, he had to be believed.

“And the most important thing about it is that it hurts the real victims, because when an accusation turns out to be false, it leaves room for doubt.

“A couple of days ago the Johnny Depp case came out. And when a ruling like Johnny Depp comes out, who’s charged with something that harsh, and the press gets involved, and then they realize it’s wrong, there’s a pedophile jumping on one leg. That’s the big party of the abuser, the pedophile, the psychopath. You have to be very careful with the process.

“And in the case of Nicolás, I think there was a previous conviction. And you also have to distinguish between what is to be supported and what is to be defended. Friends are supported, supported in the falls. And defend, it’s taking a parallel position to justice.You have to go through the process.

“And I think there was due process and he was convicted based on the evidence that was there. It is doomed”

Jean-Philippe Creton: “It also touches you closely, Pablo, at the time when you were accused a priori and it was a super complex moment when, I imagine, coats of doubt are sown, even among relatives and relatives. How was this process for you?

Paul Mackenna: “For me, it was difficult. And the truth is that my case has quite an alternative solution. I am saved not because the system worked well in terms of process. The process went wrong. It was because there was a camera (security, in the casino).

“Surely, if there was no camera, I tell this by Zoom from a cell phone stolen from those who are interned in the prisons of Valparaíso.

“That’s why you have to be careful. But, above all, it’s terrible to be falsely accused.

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