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In addition to the trailer shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Conferencebut also the long conference about 40 minutes Monitor 2, we were able to interview some members of the development team: Aaron Keller, Game Director, Dion Rogers, Art Director, Jon Spector, Business Lead, Geoff Goodman, Lead Hero Designer, Kacey Helms, Senior Outsourcing Supervisor, and Gavin J Jurgens-Fyhrie, Lead Narrative Designer. In short, beautiful people to talk to us in detail about Overwatch 2 and its many new features. Thanks again to them for the time granted. Our goal here is not to revisit the elements presented to the public, but to provide some new information about the game.

Monetization and maintenance of seasonal events

All details will be communicated. a few weeks before the launch in a special blog. The Loot boxes will stop and an in-game store will be set up for players to purchase cosmetics. With the addition of a Battle Pass and a Seasons system, we wondered if the events we know from Overwatch, the first of the name, would be maintained. For example, Summer Games, Winter Wonderland, Halloween, etc. Aaron Keller then explains that Overwatch 2 will effectively run on a seasonal system with new content every 9 weeks. He confirms that celebrations of the event will continue to take place and they will probably keep the special game modes, but it will be slightly different. For Halloween, for example, which will take place a few days after the launch of OW2 on October 4, a new model of events is planned (notably in the Junkestein game mode). Aaron also confirms that all of these co-op events are quite separate from PvE.

Overwatch 2: The secrets revealed by the developers during our interview Subscribe to our newsletter Follow us!  Follow us Join our community!

How do I upgrade from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2?

While this may seem logical to some players, others may wonder. If you already own Overwatch, first of all, you just need download big updateon Battle.net (or on your console) to get Overwatch 2. All your OW1 account data will be transferred to OW2 (skins, credits, etc.). Details will be communicated before the launch in October.

What are beta versions for?

The main objective was, of course, to know the impressions of the players on the changes made. Aaron is particularly surprised at how 5v5 was received very positively. Of course, this also serves to fix bugs and prepare the game, such as a live service in October. Player feedback is extremely important.

Blur in PvE

The team confirms that the vision unveiled at Blizzcon 2019 in PvE remains the same. “We’ll launch it when we think it’s ready”. Most of the elements are still in development and they could not reveal more to us. However, Aaron confirms that a connection between PvE and PvP will be implemented.

A new mechanic in Junkers Queen

The queen has the ability to self-medication thanks to a new mechanic: when you hit an opponent with your ax or your dagger, the damage suffered by the enemy is transformed into healing, which then heals Junkerqueen. “It’s probably the most aggressive tank in the game, but it’s going to be very difficult to play.”

Some volume bonuses

  • Hanamura will return but in a different way,
  • No information is currently available on PvE business modelthis will be communicated in a few months
  • Although the team cannot talk about it openly, they believe it would be good to realize an animated seriesaround Overwatch lore as was the case with League of Legends with Arcane, for example. In the meantime, many new cinematics are planned for the heroes.
  • For the design team, the hardest heroes to create were Genji and Sombra, but JunkerQueen was very exciting to work on.
  • It has been confirmed thatanother new support will appear in the game on October 4th and all the fans saw the little blue fox in the trailer. The design team didn’t know the latter would be featured and were pleasantly surprised! Obviously, they can’t say more, but it seems clear that Fox Girl will be the next to join the list!
  • The game has been completely redesigned in terms of details (especially the maps), but also in terms of gameplay responsiveness. Everything is much more fluid and dynamic.

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