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KRAFTON is a video game company you may know UNKNOWN PLAYER BATTLEGROUNDS That is PUBG. However, it is a company that owns several studios, games and is interested in various technologies. Artificial intelligence is precisely one of these issues and, for example, the presentation of artificial intelligence with a human image.

KRAFTON unveiled ANA, a virtual girl who has artificial intelligence, who is fully articulated and has the detail of having a hyper realistic human image, precisely that of a beautiful young woman, with whom he seeks to attract a global audience. and “establishing the KRAFTON Web 3.0 Ecosystem”.

As you can see below, you can see ANA’s factions and facial features in detail, such as her eyelashes, her eyes, the reflection of light on her teeth, and even the fine “baby hairs.” on his face. That’s right, ANA also has a “beard”, like Aloy, something some won’t like.

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ANA is KRAFTON’s hyperrealistic artificial intelligence

This hyper-realism was achieved using the Unreal Engine and deep learning technology to give ANA an intelligent artificial voice, allowing her to act and sing as if she were a real human. According to KRAFTON, the plans are to use it in its various pursuits, including entertainment and sports.

“ANA is a hyper-realistic virtual human created by KRAFTON’s unparalleled technology. It should capture the interest and popularity of Gen Z all over the world,” said Josh Seokjin Shin, Creative Center Director of KRAFTON. “ANA will release an original theme song and expand its repertoire of activities as an influencer in various fields of entertainment and sports.”

Unfortunately, KRAFTON only shared images and no trailers. We will therefore have to wait to see the beauty and intelligence of this virtual human in action. Then we leave you with them.

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