Work fewer hours: digitization would increase productivity if working hours were reduced

The reduction of the working day is a proposal currently being analyzed in several Latin American countries. Critics point out that the country’s productivity would be affected. Its advocates point out that, improving the quality of life of workers and their mental health with this measure, fewer hours could yield the same or higher productivity.

The proposals put forward in the different countries differ: in some countries there is talk of a reduction in daily working time, others (such as Chile and its 40-hour project) advocate weekly schedules, and there are even those who offer three-day weekends (respecting Friday).

Role of technology: solutions

Could technology play an important role in realizing these proposals? There are digital solutions called Saas (Software as a Service)that are currently used to improve productivity, providing better support to businesses.

“One of the most remarkable software is KSOM, which allows us to directly connect businesses to all retailers, automatically and without typing. With this software, you can know your sales and fulfillment rates at the service level (fill rate)”, assures Matías Corrales, CEO of Kolossus Chile.

On the other hand, it allows to review the processes with updated information. In its mobile version, you can review the sales force on the roadallowing the entry of customer orders even without internet, the collection and status of orders,” he adds.

Ambev opens stage programs

On another side, Kaptive is a Web and Mobile App system that allows you to identify your commodatum assets, manage them, control them and distribute them geographically. On the other hand, with Kprocess you can declare the online production of each machine or production line, obtain relevant Kpi for the production processes and maintain control of the factory personnel.

New professions for digitalization

The advantage of these systems is that they are responsible for performing repetitive tasks such as, for example; download purchase orders from B2B and enter the information in the ERP, integrating in various ways with each company’s business management systems via API.

Finally, it is certain that new jobs with different types of skills will be created. According to Corrales, he assures that “we must also bear in mind that there will be alternatives related to maintenance and programming for the proper development of systems. These positions will be of higher qualification and will be occupied by profiles linked to computer science degrees.

Chilean case

Taking the example of Chile, its president, Gabriel Boric, addressed the issue in his annual “public account” speech: with the 40-hour project.

The Chilean project has several challenges for SMEs and large companies, where workers must be empowered with the aim of developing new skills and be part of the digital transformation of the organization, increasing their productivity.

Could technology be the answer? In many cases, yes. Only the software adapted to the needs is missing.

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